Meet with Young and talented soccer player of Croatia

Name: Truitt Battin

Occupation: Professional soccer player

Belongs to: Croatia

When it comes to professionalism, people work hard because, in any sports, the player tries to perform with the whole heart. Games are not a profession where you can come accidentally, but only the deserving people get the chance to go forward. We are going to discuss the life story of a young soccer player who gains popularity at a very young age. Truitt Battin is one of those who are lucky enough to secure his position in the professional soccer team. The journey of this start is very interesting that you must read.

A Childhood Dreamer and an Achiever:

For a six years old kid, it’s not easy to carry the weight of his dream and bear it until it fulfilled. But Truitt appears as a strong companion, and he starts soccer practice at a very young age. He starts dreamed about professional soccer, so he plans his routine according to it. He set his future goals and starts working on it.

The turning point of life:

He was only eleven years old when he gets the first break to play for Red Star Belgrade. This opportunity appears as a gateway towards the soccer world, and after this offer, he stars getting different offers to play with several clubs. All of these offers help them a lot in making him perfect in his game and provides great opportunities to enlist as a professional player.

Truitt also wants to join FIFA, but the strict rules do not allow him to join the league. Well, he never disappoints and starts playing with FK Partizan.

Powerful Visions of the soccer player:

Truitt is a young but confident soccer player who knows how to get people’s attention. He used to post his pictures on Instagram, where he wants to encourage people and invite them to come and join the team. Although he can’t get the chance to join FIFA, his amazing tricks and speed make him promising and prominent, among others.

Therefore, he got the chance to play for FC Sion in Serbia and Switzerland for Red Star. The offers continued, and he also invites Europe every summer to join the FK Partizan, Red Star, and few other teams. Moreover, he also gets the opportunity to visit the FIFA headquarters in Serbia, where the players of all over the world also join him for training.

In addition to this, he is also getting the chance to play and get trained at FIFA headquarters in Serbia with some of the best soccer players worldwide. You can say it’s the luck that never left him alone in any battle, and recently, he is the seventh luckiest USA pro-FIFA soccer player who is playing in Europe. Well, this is not a stop of his career but he will go long in this path for sure.

If you want to follow him the join him on Instagram @truittbattin and become the part of his social media family.