“Careless” from singer/songwriter Anna May

Slipping into the single Careless” from singer/songwriter Anna May is easy. Trying hard to not get lost in her hypnotic vocals and the cracking of the guitar strings is another story. Each siren call is a ribbon, wrapping itself like calligraphy around the acoustic guitars pedaling. May, a sensational singer in this folk, Americana offering, sings with the Arctic blast of a Nordic queen, leaving golden embers to light the path.

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Ever so softly, Mays breathy vocals cool the chilled air. Its like ice forming when she sings, but the sun rays exert themselves by the end of each note. In Careless, from what I can tell, shes singing about how she wants the other person to not be careless with her heart. Shes fragile. Judging by the lyrics a game of standing still, Mays paralyzed by her past. Or, shes just indifferent. Either way, her hesitance is portrayed in the emotive vocal delivery. Dont be too careless with my heart, the chorus repeats. When she sings heart its almost as if the word itself is falling off of a cliff. She takes the time to emphasis the drawn-out sound, layering her guitar above the word like a modest, shy woman. Its as if just saying the word heart is too much to bare.

If it were a faster song, one that had a piano or quick tempo, it might even sound like K.D. Lang at the mic. Just the guitar and May gives the song more intimacy. The natural poetic flow in Mays voice is soothing, fascinating more each time. Tearing you downwoo, woo, woo, May lingers. Her steady guitar never stepping too far out its path. The steel strings squeal. Her humming-bird like calling is so dainty and empowered all-at-once. As a listener I felt lucid, clear on what this song made me feel comfort. She has a way of making you feel like youve entered the blue vapers of Morrissey and The Smiths. As much as your camera wants to take a black and white photo in Careless, the song dictates a Kodachrome canvas. Little shimmers of light and hope are there, particularly in her voice, but you have to wait for them like lighting bugs in the summer. Droplets of hope align in her voice, invading your affinity detection meter. The song, just over six minutes, goes quickly. Even when it ends, Mays vocals linger for hours, a reminder of her subtle impact.

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Careless is just one gem in Mays discography. Already in 2020, her prolific projects include the album Im Still Thinking of You, seven tracks of Bob Dylan-level writing. Also this year her four-song EP Kites reaches even higher levels. In 2019 May released the five-track EP Flimsy Diatribe, a collection that includes the haunting, crooning and seductive September Encore. And, in 2017, Mays Peter Pan single debuted to the world her ukulele skills and fairy tale vocals. Her tour dates indicated that shes performed both in the States, as well as British Columbia. Careless continues Anna Mays ascension into becoming a standout indie singer/songwriter.

Gwen Waggoner