New single released on Bongo Boy Records – ‘We Are Lords’ by Lyia Meta

A true maelstrom of sound emerges on Lyia Meta’s ferocious “We Are Lords”. With heavy, heavy riffs the whole of the track is propelled forward by an intense rhythm. The driving pulse feels outright righteous while it moves everything into a wild, animalistic fervor. Versed in metal’s hard stance, they also incorporate elements of symphonic classical within the sprawling ambitious scope. Blasting the track is an absolute must for this is not going to go quietly into that good night, it rages with such fury.

Nor is a moment wasted in setting the mood. Vocals rise above the colossal din as the group engages in fantastic interplay. Layer upon layer is incorporated into the mix giving it a Byzantine tenor. So many different patterns come together to result in something that feels ever so potent. By refusing to let up they create a virtual wall of sound that completely crashes over the listener making sure nothing remains. Through surrendering to the non-stop onslaught, a certain thoughtfulness starts to take over. Lyricism goes for a sort of triumphant gaze for it all builds up into fantastic crescendos. Percussion towards the end engrosses the rest of the song in a tribalistic quality while the churn of the grooves are upset to deliver something that feels so raw and visceral.

“We Are Lords” shows off the undeniable chops of Lyia Meta while they sculpt a thing of true jagged beauty, finding the gorgeousness amongst the darkness.