Chinese Web Novels

Chinese Web Novels and stories have been known to people for many centuries and deal with almost every conceivable topic. Even today, the novel and the narrative, which is usually a bit shorter, are among the most popular forms in literature. Thousands of new releases come onto the market every day. A web novel is not assigned to a fixed genre and can be, for example, a love story, a historical story, a crime, or a thriller. In contrast to a non-fiction book, the actions and the persons described in a novel are mostly invented, or only parts correspond to reality.

A novel makes for many wonderful hours of reading

Good Chinese Web Novels are either told in an exciting and gripping manner, or they awaken fantasies and appeal to the reader’s emotional world. Not infrequently, they are also written in a very humorous way or can make facts that actually happen appear much more vivid and tangible with the help of a fictional story. Good novels are the ideal read for so many rainy autumn days and are just as suitable for a nice relaxing holiday by the sea. Take a look at our wide range and order a good book today that will give you hours of enjoyable reading pleasure.

Some fantasy writers locate their stories in the distant past, but without inventing completely new worlds. Wolfgang Hohlbein is extremely successful with this recipe. His fantasy novels about “The Daughter of the Sky Disc” and “The Warrior of the Sky Disc” set up theories about “true history” of one of the most spectacular archaeological finds of the past few decades: the Bronze Disc from Nebra.

Web Novels Benefits

Studies show that people who deal with complex mental tasks particularly often in their lives and who constantly challenge their brains remain mentally fit longer in old age. Through regular reading and the constant absorption of new information, the brain is optimally challenged and the memory trained so that it is still efficient in old age.

Reduces stress

Life can be quite challenging and many find it difficult to rest after a stressful day at work. Reading can help. People leave their hectic everyday life behind and flee into the world of fantasy, in which they find the distance from their own life and relax.

It promotes social skills

According to a study at the New School for Social Research in New York, reading promotes empathy. By reading it, readers learn to put themselves in the position of their counterparts, thereby increasing their understanding of the lives of others.

No matter whether you want to escape your own life or are just curious and want to get to know other people and places: Reading is probably the cheapest way to travel.

Information and news are often served quickly and in a snack. We frantically click through the web, read a web novel. Accustomed to this pace, reading a novel slows you down after work. You don’t just relax, reading also promotes concentration. You spend a while dealing with one of the same things.