Bike Riding Essentials for Families Biking to the Beach

After lockdown and a hard, tiring spring, there is nothing better than packing up a few things and taking one of the best neighborhood bike rides to the beach. However, before taking off on such a trek, make sure you are prepared for the journey ahead. Are your children old enough to handle the ride? Is your electric cruiser bicycle able to handle different terrains? Beyond answering some basic questions, there are at least five essentials you should have with you on your bike ride.

1. Sunblock

While many people worry about the heat on a summer bike ride and try to avoid overexertion by finding electric bicycles for sale, you should be slightly more concerned about sun exposure. Even on cool days, sunburn is a genuine risk. Make sure to pack a high-rated sunblock and to apply it at least once every two hours on exposed skin.

2. Water and Food

When bike riding in the summer, especially with children, make sure to stay hydrated. Most bikes have a bottle holder on them, but if yours do not, then consider installing one. You may also want to take scheduled breaks during your ride just to hydrate.

Besides water, pack a few snacks. Regardless of the length of your trip to the beach, you do not know how long you will stay, so having a few snacks to re-energize will help keep everyone happy.

3. Phone

While it is hard to tear anyone away from their phone these days, sometimes families want tech-free time, which is terrific. However, when you are leaving your home and going for a bike ride, having a phone handy in case of an emergency is a wise decision. You can turn it off if you’d like, but having it on hand is an excellent decision.

4. Pads

Many people seem to rage against the use of protective gear while riding a bike, but that makes little sense. If you have kids, at a minimum, you and your children should wear helmets whenever you go anywhere on a bike. Elbow and knee pads just help add a little more protection should anyone have a little spill.

5. Emergency Kit

How long of a trek is it from your home to the beach? Even short distances can have unknown variables that may lead to a damaged bike. Buying an emergency repair kit for your bicycle is an excellent idea, but make sure that your kit includes a spare tube for your bike in case you experience a puncture. You may also want to pack a first aid kit with bandages and sanitary wipes in case anyone takes a tumble.

Getting out of your house and into the fresh air is likely to feel amazing after months of quarantines, but make sure you are not overzealous. Rushing into a lengthy bike ride with children may turn into a headache if you are not prepared. Contact a local bike shop for more information on beach ride essentials. Most stores will carry repair kits and spare parts, so you are well prepared for your journey.