Tips for Having Better, More Exciting Sex

If you’re in dire need of a certain type of stress relief…we hear you. We completely get it and you need a free local sex.

Navigating your life when it feels like the world is falling apart (due to the Covid-19 pandemic and civil unrest throughout the country) can be very draining. More than often, you may feel like you need a pick-me-up. Or, maybe even a lay-me down: yes, we’re talking about sex.

Having sexual intercourse is a pleasant, enjoyable experience (when shared between two consenting adults). That doesn’t mean that it can’t become any better! Spicing up your sex life is not only a fun way to enhance your sexual pleasure, but it can also take your mind off of the current state of the union. We could all use a sexy distraction, right?

Here are a few tips to have more exciting sex:

Sleep With Strangers (Safely)

Before you raise your eyebrows at us, it’s not as sketchy as it sounds. We promise.

There’s a certain thrill about having one-night stands and spontaneous hookups with strangers. It’s exciting to experience intimacy with someone new for the first time (even if you don’t know them all too well). You get the chance to make one hell of a first impression! As long as you are both consenting adults, there’s no shame in finding a cute stranger to get it on with.

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Try New Lube

The vagina is full of wonderful tips and tricks: self-lubrication is one of them! Lubrication is naturally produced by the vagina when it becomes sexually aroused, causing the “wet” sensation that makes sexual intercourse so pleasurable. Without this lubricant, having sex can be difficult (and even painful) to enjoy.

Having additional lubricant is always a fun and exciting way to keep things lively (and slippery!). There are several different types of lubricants: water-based, oil-based, natural lubricant, and silicone-based. There are even some flavored lubricants; the choices are endless. When it comes to choosing a lubricant, keep these few factors in mind:

  • If you experience yeast infections often, avoid lube with glycerin as an ingredient.
  • Don’t use an oil-based lube if your partner is using a condom.
  • Water-based lubricants go best with sex toys (if you’re using them all at once).

Activate All Senses

Of course, touch is the sense that seems to be the priority during intimacy. But when you engage your other senses to join in on the fun, it’s one delightful ride.

Senses such as smell and taste are essential in spicing up the scene for sex. For smell, light the room with candles or incense that you and your partner are huge fans of. Or, you can pick up some essential oils to rub over your body; the aura will be sure to drive your partner crazy with every breath he inhales. For taste, you can look into getting edible underwear, lube, and creams; not only will you feel amazing to your partner, but you’ll taste even better.