Things you need to know before starting a blog

1. Choose your target group

Many start with a topic first. I think that’s wrong. You always have to start with a target group first.

And that doesn’t just fit the business in general. But also to blogs. Your blog is an information platform. Your blog only has added value if it teaches something. When he gives knowledge. When he solves a problem with your target group.

So your target group has a specific problem. Your target group wants to go somewhere. You have the knowledge and deliver it there for free. How noble of you. So always determine your target group first. Find a problem with your target group and solve it with your blog.

2. Create your basic content

Your blog now looks like something. But it lacks the real essence. The essence of blogging. The content.

So your blog is empty. Now you have to fill it. For starters, I would write 3-5 articles. That should be enough for the basic content. In general, I always recommend long, detailed, and well-researched articles. At least 1,000 words. The longer the better. You can also get Social blog service for this purpose.

If you need some support for writing, check out my blog post tutorial now. Also, don’t forget to go through these 9 steps after each post.
I would not write more than 3-5 articles at the start. Always keep that in mind. You need to spend more time promoting your content than actually writing it. That is exactly why we are now taking care of visitors.

3. Your first 1,000 visitors

As a first goal, you should choose the first 1,000 visitors. Always set yourself small goals and achieve them. That motivates. That keeps you on the ball. Persistence is the most reason why people fail blogging. Without perseverance, no success.

Don’t pay attention to the search engine at the beginning. Just pay attention to these points for your SEO on-page optimization:

• Keyword once in the title (as close to the beginning as possible)
• Keyword once in the H1 tag
• Keyword at least three times in the text (depending on the length of the article, but not so precisely, just write for your reader)
• Keyword at least once in bold
• Keyword once in the meta description (not for ranking purposes, but for higher click rates in the search results)
• Use keywords generally not as anchor text to your own or other URL.

SEO is a longer-term game. But in the beginning, you just don’t have time for “long term”. That is why the first 1,000 visitors were your goal. Reach this. And then it goes on.

4. Validate your blog

You have now reached your first 1,000 visitors. Congratulation! Now you should validate your idea. According to the lean startup principle.
If you want to continue, first think about yourself and your blog. These tasks will help you further. These tasks give you and your blog some rough edges. You need that. So that you don’t go under with the mass of blogs out there.