Stella Talpo ‘Shark’

‘Shark’ is the new release from south London based songstress Stella Talpo, following ‘Mona’ earlier this year. Listen here: 

Born in Italy, raised in Singapore and now living in London, Stella Talpo has become a one-to-watch due to her ability to shape and mould R&B sounds with her own unique concoction of influences. Having been on the alternative R&B scene for a few years, Stella has become a sought-after name following the release of her debut EP ‘Space’ in 2016. Soulful new track ‘Shark’ is about facing the fears and anxieities, that have plagued her throughout her life. The song is an invitation to overcome fear by triggering it until it doesn’t have a hold on you any longer.

Speaking on the track Stella said: “The more fearless you and your choices are, the more authentic you will be and naturally, the more in tune your choices will be. As one of my therapists once said, “when you get bitten by a shark, you have to get back into the water”. Silent killer = fear.”