How to Choose the Right Marking Machine?

Laser cleaning machines are really efficient this is the reason why they are used for multiple purposes. Laser cleaning is the only method that really cleans in depth. Other methods only remove part of the pollution. In addition, pollution consists of pigments and polymers. Most methods remove the pigments, but not the polymers. These can only be removed by incineration. That is exactly what the laser does: burning the pollution. After the laser cleaning, the surface tension is high again and the roller functions as a new roller.

Is there some pollution released during laser cleaning?

The pollution can be compared to the smoke that comes from a cigarette. This can easily be extracted and collected on a filter. At most a few grams of pollution are released per roller. Because no extra dirt is created, and no water and no auxiliary materials are required, laser cleaning is the most environmentally friendly cleaning method.

For how often laser cleaning is ideal?

The laser cleaning of rollers is done in all printing shops that have ceramic or chrome rollers in their printing presses, in cardboard, flex, label, and offset printers. Laser cleaning is chosen to obtain the highest print quality and because it is a method for which the rollers do not have to be removed from the machine. This is particularly ideal for the largest rollers in the carton industry.

Daily cleaning is usually done with chemicals, but this does not prevent pollution from accumulating on the surface of the roller in the long term. Over time, the tinting strength can suddenly decrease sharply. Periodic deep cleaning is therefore necessary. Depending on the type of contamination and use, it is advisable to have the rollers laser cleaned two or three times a year in order to maintain the highest print quality.

Choose your best laser cleaning machine

Off-line means that the roller is removed from the printing press and cleaned on a special table with rollers. This is possible in our service truck, but also in specially developed machines. The S stands for static, or this machine is fixed in the same place and the rollers are put in and taken out as in a dishwasher.

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In-line means that the roller remains in the printing press. Time-consuming and sometimes difficult disassembly is therefore not necessary. For cleaning, the machine must then run the roller and the laser gun of a mobile laser cleaning machine moves on a specially mounted rail parallel to and along with the roller until it is clean.

Offline cleaning is ideal for companies that can easily disassemble their rollers and have sufficient spare rollers. The “saving” of dirty rollers provides a cost advantage because several rollers can be cleaned in one go in our truck or by sending them to us.

In-line cleaning is very suitable for the large printing presses where disassembly is a difficult and time-consuming task. In some machines, the printing process can even continue as normal while the various rollers/pressure groups are cleaned one by one.

Why choose Laser cleaning?

There are several traditional cleaning methods for periodic cleaning. Each of the methods has its specific drawbacks, chemicals are bad and dangerous for people and the environment, ultrasound can damage the surface of the roller if used incorrectly, and bicarbonate at best has a poor cleaning result. None of the traditional methods give a 100% clean roll, and some contamination cannot be removed at all.

Laser cleaning has no disadvantages, does not use water, chemicals, or other substances, and always gives the best cleaning result. Laser cleaning is the only one that restores the surface tension of the rollers so that the original ink formulations can be used again. This ensures the very best print quality with as little ink as possible.