Bad Girlfriend Set To Release ‘Here It Comes’ July 18th

If there’s one thing we are most excited about when coming out of lockdown, the prospect of seeing Bad Girlfriend perform their new track, ‘Here It Comes,’ live is at the top of the list.

The three-piece group – made up of Connor Hemming, Richie James and Billy Smallman-Köpf – are a whirlwind of punk-garage magic, with amp climbing and stage-diving regular to their live gigs, Bad Girlfriend provides yet another anthem ‘Here It Comes,’ set to be released on the 18th July (2020). Stemming from south Birmingham, Bad Girlfriend hit the road running back in 2015 and swiftly became a performance staple in the local live circuit. Described as one of the wildest, unpredictable and exciting bands to step out of Birmingham, Bad Girlfriend’s new release further solidifies the trio as an absolute staple in the northern music scene.


The group’s new single ‘Here It Comes’ is an immersive journey through the band’s collective talents. For three minutes the trio takes you on a ride, rife with elaborate guitar solos, enthralling drum breaks and vocals you can’t help but shout along to – although attempting Connor’s ‘balls to the wall,’ effortlessly compelling vocals may take some practice. Employing the genius of local legendary producer, Mark Gittins of Megatone Studios, Bad Girlfriend encompass us for just under three minutes in their immaculately sculpted soundscape and it’s worth every second. Taking a detour from their live recording approach, ‘Here It Comes’ hone their sound to showcase Richie’s slick bass lines, Billy’s unwaveringly energising drums and Connor’s versatile guitar chops. Whilst lyrically ‘Here It Comes’ evokes visceral imagery of disorientation as waves of the unknown ensue, nothing is confusing about Bad Girlfriend’s artistry. Riding off the success of their latest EP, BGEP3, Bad Girlfriend continue their musical journey with their most fully realised track to date. With ‘Here It Comes’ being released on the 18th July (2020), Bad Girlfriend will have us all cranking up the volume and stage-diving off our sofa in no time.

Written by Sasha Davies