10 Coolest Residences for College Students

The days of tiny rooms with old furniture and no private sanitary conveniences or a laundry room are nostalgia and a nightmare all in one for many students. Leaving your parents’ house at young age is always a challenge. But adding poor housing conditions and stress at university it becomes hard to sustain a healthy lifestyle. You also cannot forget that being on your means doing your own laundry. If you have the resources you may want a laundry service to handle that task for you. Could save you some extra time for studying too.

Here we present 10 accommodation places for college students you wish you lived at. We want to believe more universities will take a pattern by the following residences making studentship the halcyon days.

1) R.G. Wanek Center, High Point University (HPU), North Carolina, USA

Lots of American students who had the chance to visit this residence confirm it is one of the most luxurious campuses they have ever seen. The expenses for the building construction grew to unbelievable $70 million. It becomes reasonable when you enter its portal. The actual dormitory within the Center is a home for more than 500 students and offers all the hotel-like facilities. Here one can find a cinema, an arcade and even a steakhouse. 1924 PRIME will cater for the biggest gourmet on campus. The Wanek Center features double and single rooms with stylish furniture and free Internet, TV cable and laundry service.

2) Jaegersborg Water Tower, Copenhagen, Denmark

Jaegersborg Water Tower, Copenhagen, Denmark

The tower was built in 1955 and served its purpose throughout decades before it went some transformations. It was used as a restaurant and even as an exhibition center. In 2006 Dorte Mandrup, a Danish architect, turned it into one of the most unusual dorms in the world. Observing poor situation with students accommodation in Copenhagen she decided to make something light, modern and convenient for the young. There are 40 rooms from the 4th up to 8th floor the construction being a 10-storey building. Jaegersborg Tower contains a library, cafe and gym but its most prominent feature is a magnificent view. Every resident tries to get the room on the 8th floor in order to have the best view overlooking the city.

3) Clubclass Malta University Residence, Lija, Malta

Some dormitories look like 5-star hotels and Clubclass Residence in a picturesque village in the central region of Malta is one of those. One can find here many classrooms since there is a special summer program for high schoolers on the territory of campus. During the year students can enjoy the abundance of eating places. Restaurants, pizzerias, cafes and pubs are nearby and a dining hall is on the campus. The residence promotes a healthy lifestyle by offering fitness facility, aerobics center, tennis court, gym and pool. There is also a striking garden where one can relax the mind and behold magical baroque architecture.

4) Usen Castle, Brandeis University, Massachusetts, USA

If you are a fan of Harry Potter or this aesthetic we guarantee you will sold since you can study AND live here. The fact that the castle is a stylized construction of 1928 and not the real castle does not make it less popular amid students and tourists. Not every student wants to have all the state-of-the-art conveniences, designer furniture and pool in the yard. Some just want to feel like in the old movie and what is cooler than Usen Castle with all its towers, parapets and turrets. Here one can find a pottery studio, students lounge and a lovely Cholmondeley’s coffeehouse frequently called Chums.

5) The Tietgen Residence Hall, The University Of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark

This impressive 7-storey circle building with an area of 10,3 thousand square miles and 360 rooms is one of the objects worth seeing in Copenhagen. The core concept behind this residence hall is being a community. Here you will never feel lonely and without a question will find an abundance of like-minded people. With this unique circle construction you can chill in your room and accidentally spot the party going on in the dorm. Many a resident confirm the feeling of being welcome everywhere in such gigantic building. It is necessary to understand you are expected to take an active part in social life on campus since the motto of Tietgen Residence Hall is all about social interaction and being like one big family.

6) “Honeycomb” Dormitory, Vocational Training Centre, Valga, Estonia

This students resident comprises a record number of windows which is 410 each created in the form of hexagon resembling a honeycomb. One can only image how much natural lighting students get there which excludes any chance of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). The interior is decorated in a similar way as the façade with bright warm colors. The “Honeycomb” contains many spacious classrooms and laboratories with the latest equipment as well as a cinema hall, dining room, library and studio for art and craft. The dorm itself is designed for 100 people only. But the price for even a single room per month is quite reasonable. Students with perfect marks, no study debts or violations get a hostel discount which pushes them to study harder and save some money simultaneously.

7) Cite A Docks (Résidence A Docks) provided by CROUS, Le Havre, France

This 4-storey dormitory is a unique project made of old 24-foot maritime containers which makes it an eco-friendly building. There are 100 single rooms with all the conveniences which is perfect for students who prefect privacy over collectivity. The prime trait of Cite A Dock is a breathtaking view of the English Channel which is a feature of the best hotels and the most expensive houses in Le Havre.

8) Smart City, Neapolis University Pafos (NUP), Paphos, Cyprus

Is it a luxurious resort or a dormitory, you never know when you are in Cyprus with its mild Mediterranean climate, natural beauty and superb beaches. The city is one of the safest and quietest in Cyprus, its suburbs are well-known for the ancient historical monuments and Classical architecture. There are multi-media labs, modern classrooms and a huge library on the territory of the Smart City. Students can enjoy a large outdoor swimming pool with a snack bar, tennis courts, recreation center, a restaurant, indoor sport complex, private beach and even a clinic.

9) The University Of Havana (UH), Havana, The Republic of Cuba

All international students of the UH are lucky to live in these home-like dorms and enjoy the vividness and brightness of houses in Havana. Here you do not have to worry about cooking or safety since meals are prepared for students twice a day and security works 24 hours a day. The university is located nearby the residence and can be reached within a 25-minute walk.

10) Simmons Hall, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Massachusetts, USA

Some people say this building resembles bookshelves but the students of the MIT call their dorm simply The Sponge. This high-end housing is available only for senior and graduate students and includes 344 rooms with all the conveniences. The price for a room is equal to the price of a small but private rented apartment in Boston.