Two things to develop your personality

In order not to draw a distorted self-image of yourself in your own mind (and thereby complicate the entire process of personal development), you should be able to carry out your self-reflection without evaluation & without fears or uncertainties. This is exactly where a strengthened self-confidence helps you.

It is not without reason that a large number of people find their way to personal development through the topic of “strengthening self-confidence”. Because this gives you the courage, so to speak, to be able to look honestly and critically at things in your personality and thus your life that may be painful and unpleasant!

But only in this way will you be able to determine unadulterated exactly where there is potential for change and improvement in your life or personality. At this point, get feedback and opinions from friends and acquaintances if necessary.

There can be such “little things” here, such as your punctuality, your order, your diligence, up to “larger construction sites” such as your communication skills (shyness) or your physical appearance/fitness.


Without knowing who you are, what your strengths, weaknesses, and especially your (unconscious) beliefs are, you will not be able to develop your personality effectively. In the very first step, an increased level of self-awareness, self-knowledge and self-reflection is required for successful personality development.

You can create a good foundation for the development of these areas and thus for your entire personality development by starting to strengthen your self-confidence. Here are some “personality development tips” for you.


This is the second step in personal development, which is, however, often overlooked or sometimes intentionally forgotten. Do not see your personality development as any form of shock therapy, which is about banishing “everything old” from the system as quickly as possible.

Of course, the goal of personality development is to change the status quo, but acceptance only creates the basis for this! In contrast to self-loathing or anger/anger/resistance about your current life situation & your current personality.

Personality development is not about “betraying” your current personality and trying to take it around the corner, just to be able to finally say “Fortunately, I am no longer this person!”

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This approach would counteract the second pillar of personality development, self-acceptance! Your wish or your claim to personal development should not be that you want to become a completely different person, instead, it should be that of unlocking the potential & wanting to bring it to the surface, which in truth is already within you! To see the whole thing positively and do not stiffen up to your current dissatisfaction with what is right now.

You also need to learn to accept it! Only in this way will you be able to take the next step, the step of self-change, in the first place.  If you are in resistance with being & your own personality, you will never be able to develop a single millimeter.