How to Survive Concert Tours When You Have Special Nutritional Needs

Musicians are nomads who spend most of their time on the road, on the stage, and in the studio. This kind of a lifestyle is both exciting and inspiring. Tours usually include partying and hanging out with hundreds of people that musicians meet along the road. As a touring musician, you’ll likely go through a stage of crazy nightlife and intensive socialization.

Still, if pursued for years, this lifestyle can take its toll on your health, both physical and mental. Because of that, introducing healthier, body-preserving habits is a must for touring musicians. The following tips will help you stay focused and eat well during your concert tours.

Mapping out places to eat

When you arrive in a certain town a few hours before the concert, you might not have enough time to search for a place to eat. This is where your meal itinerary comes into play.

It should contain at least one restaurant that meets your nutritional needs per place where you perform. This little personal restaurant list is a must-have for vegetarians, vegans, and musicians who eat special food for religious or medical reasons. Apart from them, all other artists who want to know what they eat should make this kind of a guide.

Packing ready-made healthy snacks

Musicians need a lot of energy on their tours. Visiting several different towns per week is already exhausting, let alone having concerts and interacting with the audience.

That’s why many famous musicians often suffer from fatigue and general physical weakness. And needless to say, getting to this point of exhaustion means you won’t be able to function well on the stage or in your personal life.

Ready-made healthy snacks can come in handy to keep you energised and strong. So, in addition to the meal itinerary, think about adding a stash of nuts and dried fruits to your luggage. From fresh almonds, pistachios, walnuts, and hazelnuts to dried apricots, figs, and dates, this will be your special little energy tank. Of course, get a variety of fresh fruits in places where you stay.

It’s also important to carry along vitamins, minerals, and other dietary supplements. They will help keep your immune system strong and make you feel good along the way. And you can even make your own supplements using capsule fillers to ensure you’re consuming top-quality ingredients.

Tasting local specialties

Tour life gives you a chance to learn more about different cultures and cuisines. That’s why touring musicians should pay more attention to local specialties, especially if they’re going to play at exotic destinations. Sometimes it might be your one and only visit to a certain place – so why not use this opportunity to indulge in domestic cuisine?

Research in advance restaurants and meal bars where food that suits your needs is served. Add those places to your meal itinerary. In this case, thinking outside the box will make many musicians with special nutritional needs happy because they will try something different while staying healthy.

On the other hand, avoid eating street food when on tours, especially in hot climates. That way, you won’t risk getting food poisoning or eating food without ingredient specifications.

Doing pre-concert workouts

Regular physical activity is recommended to every living person, and musicians on tours need it even more.

You especially need it if you have specific nutritional needs, as working out has positive effects on the digestive system. Your blood starts circulating more quickly when you’re doing exercises, which leads to the faster exchange of various substances in the body. Also, cardio exercises speed up the metabolism and may ease constipation.

So, try to find a time slot before every concert to do some stretching or yoga. Alanis Morissette and Moby are only some of the musicians who practice yoga.

If possible, go for a run a few times a week. This physical activity will be beneficial for both your body and your mind, keeping you for and easing stress.

In short, regular workouts while on tour will make you as fit as a fiddle (and this doesn’t refer only to violin players).

When you pay attention to the food you eat, you also take care of your mind and body. Spending weeks or months on tour leaves consequences on your physical and mental condition. You can alleviate the negative effects of this way of living if you stick to some simple rules, nutrition-wise.

In the age of the Internet, it’s easy to do your homework for every town you play in and find the right restaurant for your needs beforehand. Make sure you always keep a stash of healthy snacks by your side and bring along vitamins, minerals, and other dietary supplements. Finally, make a workout schedule for your tours to maintain balanced processes in your body. All these habits will make your concert tours less excruciating and more pleasant.