How to Protect Yourself as Covid-19 Cases Continue Rising

It is a frightening time in this country. America seemed to move in the right direction for a multiple-month period, as Covid-19 cases dropped in most states and cities. The population was serious about the threat we faced, and most individuals practiced social distancing and mask-wearing.

In recent weeks, though, cases have shot through the roof in states such as Florida, Texas, and Arizona. These are the new epicenters, where mask-wearing is a political sticking point, and social distancing is something that people talk about but refuse to practice.

Immunocompromised individuals are worried about the rising numbers, as well they should be. They are in peril because of stubborn population segments.

Let’s talk about some ways to protect yourself as the pandemic moves its way through this country.

Mask-Wearing is Still Your Primary Defense

As Covid cases continue to rise, one thing remains certain, according to every scientist and medical professional: wearing a mask is the best protection against this virus. Some politicians send mixed messages about masks. Others roundly endorse them, and others scoff at their effectiveness.

However, there are many countries where cases have dropped because of mask use. They include:

  • Spain
  • China
  • New Zealand
  • Switzerland

The reason why these countries are seeing fewer infections is not some mystery. They are the countries that most quickly embraced mask use, while others, including the USA, haven’t been consistent.

You have no way of forcing others to wear a mask, which is what puts you in danger if you are an older adult or you have a preexisting condition. If you wear a mask every time you go out in public or near someone else, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor.

Keep Washing Those Hands

Hand washing is something else that medical science agrees can combat the virus’s spread. If you go out, wear a mask so that you won’t touch your face with your hands after contacting various surfaces where the virus could be lurking. When you get home, though, do the following:

  • Use liquid soap or a soap bar and lather your hands up
  • Scrub them vigorously under the water for 30 seconds

If you’ve gone back to work, and you’re among people or touching surfaces often, wash your hands regularly. If you work in the foodservice industry, retail, or anything along those lines, make sure to follow this directive. Your job should provide you with soap and handwashing stations.

Use Hand Sanitizer

If you don’t have water and soap access all the time, yet you’re still out among people, use high alcohol content hand sanitizer. Scientists and doctors say that it can kill the virus, so keep a small bottle with you.

Most stores have them back in stock now. You can also order them via Amazon or other online marketplaces. You might have to wait longer for delivery than you used to, but it will come to you eventually.

Socially Distance from People

Another thing that you can do is to keep socially distancing from other people. That’s tough if you live in the same home with other family members. The reality is that it will be almost impossible to keep from spreading the virus if you live in the same close quarters.

However, aside from that, now is not the time to see your friends or family members who live in other households. That can be very frustrating. No doubt, you love your family and friends, and you want to see them.

It’s even more tempting to stop socially distancing now that the weather is nice. However, you have to understand this virus’s reality.

It doesn’t care that you’re bored because you’ve been stuck in the house for months. If you stop socially distancing and go to bars or restaurants, even if they’re still open in your city or state, you are courting danger. You’re putting not just yourself at risk, but also other people.

Don’t Go Out Unless You Need to Do So

On a related note, you shouldn’t go out unless you have no other alternative. That’s not something that many people want to hear, but it’s sound advice.

You probably have to leave the house for work, unless you’re able to work from home. You have to go to work to support yourself, so if you go to your job but practice the safety measures we already discussed, then hopefully, you’ll be okay.

Other than going to work or the grocery store, though, it’s best to stay in as much as possible. If your options are to go to a newlyreopened hair salon or to get your spouse or a family member to give you an amateur haircut, you should opt for the latter.

The more you stay in, and away from the public, the better your chances of not contracting the virus. That’s probably not going to change soon.

Be Wary of the News Sources You Trust

There are also more news sources than ever, with hundreds or even thousands of TV channels, radio shows, social media platforms, podcasts, and more. Each of them seems to be saying something contradictory about the virus, and it’s hard to know who to trust.

Try only to get your news from reliable sources. Something CNN says is probably reputable, while if your brother-in-law on Facebook tells you to kill the virus by drinking bleach, you should understand not to do that.

There are more talking heads and pundits than ever putting in their two cents. But if what you hear sounds like hysterics, then discount it. Try to use some common sense.

The pandemic is a challenge unlike any we have faced in our lifetimes. Many individuals feel depressed right now because of the disruption to their way of life.

Try to take heart and enjoy the small things. Keep in touch with your family, talk to them about your feelings, and don’t get the impression that you’re alone. We are all in this thing together.