Silicone Reborn Dolls Vs Vinyl Dolls – A Complete Review

If you’re here then we pretty much can assume that you might be in a dilemma choosing which type of reborn dolls to go for? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Sites like are ready to provide you with these reborn dolls, but it might benefit to know which kind of doll you may want to go for.

Most of you might be aware but nonetheless, one is Vinyl dolls while the other is Silicon dolls. In this article, you’ll get to know how unique and significant both are in their own ways. Some prefer Vinyl dolls while others opt for Silicon ones.

After giving this article a read you’ll get to know which side you belong to. Without any dawdling, here is a brief about both the categories and this will help you decide which reborn doll to purchase based on your preference.

Vinyl Dolls: Everything You Need To Know

Vinyl Dolls are more of a replica of a human baby. The weight of the doll is similar to that of an average human newborn. They are more realistic, giving you the whole experience of holding a human child. These dolls are solid and cannot be squished.

Their limbs and joints cannot be rotated abnormally. The material, the structure, and the intricacy of the doll just make you feel like holding a real newborn. Based on the movement of the doll, it can be further classified into Jointed limbed cloth bodies and Non-jointed limbed cloth bodies. Almost all the vinyl dolls have cloth bodies. The more the body has cloth content, the more restrictions can be felt in the movement of the doll.

Jointed limbed cloth bodies show flexibility in the hip and the shoulder region. You get to move the legs and the arms of the baby doll in the desired direction you want.

Non-Jointed limbed cloth bodies are not so flexible. Their movement is restricted to a certain limit beyond which movement is not possible thereby giving the baby doll a realistic feel.

A major drawback with these Vinyl dolls is that, as they are made of cloth, you can’t immerse them in water and you can neither wash them. You can wash its hair but make sure that you don’t spill water over the body, you’ll end up damaging the reborn doll.

If the doll is properly handled and maintained, the vinyl dolls can last for more than 15-20 years at least. You’ll end up having a great experience with the doll over time.

Silicon Babies

It is not an unknown fact that silicon babies are made of silicon. Unlike Vinyl dolls, the silicone baby dolls are squishy and soft. The joints and the limbs can be rotated to any extent. The structure is made of either solid cross-section or of a hollow cross-section, irrespective of which it gives a realistic appearance.

The solid cross-section allows the dolls to retain their pose while the hollow cross-section tends to bring the doll back to its original position. This is due to the elastic property of the silicone material. The harder it is the longer it takes to return to its original position.

If the dolls are kept in hot conditions, the doll tends to show the same temperature. Similarly, when used in a cold climate, the material of the doll feels quite cold. This is also one of the significant characteristics of silicone material to take in the environmental temperature. This phenomenon gives somewhat a real-time experience of holding a human child.

Unlike Vinyl dolls, silicon babies can be immersed in water and there is no risk of damaging the doll. You can give it a bath, wash its hair, and even allow them to dry. A major drawback of Silicon dolls is that they tend to degrade over time. When rubbed with other surfaces, particles stick to silicon and spoil the elasticity of the doll over time.

Silicon dolls are a bit on the expensive side. The complexity and the amount of work that goes into manufacturing a silicone doll is a lot more. A viable silicone baby takes a longer time to reach the market post-manufacturing.

When it comes to the durability of the doll, it is quite hard to predict. The thickness of the silicon doll plays a major role in deciding the life of the doll. Nonetheless, if maintained properly, without exposing it to extreme climates and rubbing it against hard surfaces, the doll can surely withstand for a long period.

Closing Thoughts

Both Vinyl Reborn dolls and Silicone dolls are unique in their own way and both have a separate fan base. It is completely up to you to choose which doll meets your preferences. We hope this article served the very purpose it was meant for and helped you decide on which reborn doll to purchase. So what are you waiting for, grab the one that meets your preference and make a hell lot of memories!