How to get a bigger booty quicker | 3 tips for a bigger bum

When men talk about how good a specific girl looks like, they tend to focus on 3 physical areas of a female body: her face, her breasts, and her booty. Every woman dreams about having perfectly shaped curves, while remaining lean in the waist. Some women are gifted those lucky genes and get advantage over everyone else of us, who are born “average”. However, with correct actions, every single girl on this planet, can grow a bigger, rounder, sexier bum and get those feminine curves, which will make all men drop their jaws as you pass them by.

With this in mind, we’d like to share 3 secret tips for a bigger bum. So many mistakes are being done by 90% of women trying to get their booty in shape. And making those mistakes will always hold you back. This is why we want to answer the question “How to get a bigger booty quicker?” and give you some of the most powerful tips, that all female friends and fitness instructors haven’t revealed to you yet.

• Do you need workout to get your booty in shape? – Yes, but there can be less of it if you’re doing things correct.
• Do you need a diet to grow a bigger bum? – Yes, but it doesn’t mean you need to hold back on food. You just need to eat the right food for growing your buttocks.
• How else can you improve your butt size? – Dressing style, your choice of clothes, play vital role in how much attention your booty will get.

Booty workout secrets and top mistakes holding you back

For a nicer, rounder buttocks exercising is of course the key. Simply sitting around, doing nothing, won’t result in any positive changes. You need to take action and start working out. Your exercises should be focused on glutes. Glutes (aka gluteal muscles) are the muscles that can be found in your bum.

There are 3 main gluteal muscles:

  • gluteus maximus
  • gluteus medius
  • gluteus minimus

The problem I see most women are doing (a mistake), and most fitness instructors forget to take into the account, is that they forget to build gluteus medius muscles. Glute medius is for this reason called “to forgotten butt muscle”, since it is neglected by so many, while being crucial for naturally achieving the looks of that round Kim Kardashian ass.

Working out those glute medius muscles you are targeting your upper glutes. Exercises focusing on glute medius will make your bum look rounder and perkier. Here are just some of the exercises that target the upper glutes improving your butt size:

  1. Hip abduction chair replacement
  2. Lateral squat shuffle
  3. Glute kickbacks
  4. Barbell squats
  5. Fire hydrant with donkey kick

How to get a bigger bum with a proper diet

The 2nd important factor for how to get a bigger booty quicker, is the food you’re eating and how much you eat. Working out alone will not give you best results if your diet doesn’t support your training.

Here are 2 biggest mistakes women do when trying to build a bigger bum:

  • not eating enough (losing weight)
  • not eating correct foods

Yes, you will never grow your bum, if you are losing weight. So basically your training should be supported by enough of food. Eating more, many times per day, is of great importance. You shouldn’t worry about becoming fat. By proper exercising, and by eating correct foods, all the fat will target your female body parts (breasts and buttocks). You will still be lean in waist, however your booty will grow.

Now, about the diet composition, here are some of the best foods that will improve your estrogen level, therefore adding to the growth of your curves:

  1. Salmon; 2. Milk and dairy products; 3. Eggs, 4. Nuts; 5. Chicken breasts; 6. Freekeh; 7. Fenugreek.

By adding those 7 foods you can be sure to see positive results in growth of your lady parts. Your bum and breasts will grow, while you will become leaner in waist if you exercises regularly.

The choice of clothes to make your bum look round and perky

How you pick your clothes plays an important part of how much emphasis your bum is getting. Straight away we can logically assume, that by wearing loose pants, your perky butt won’t be getting any attention whatsoever.

But with few good styling decisions, everyone will notice your female curves once your pass them on the street. Did you know that the size of the pockets is important when choosing jeans? Did you know that your footwear is important? Did you know that the ratio between waist and hips is also crucial?

Here are top styling tips for how to make your bum look rounder and sexier:

  • Wear high heels – wearing high heels changes how your legs look like, and improves the looks of your buttocks. High heels are great when your want to make your booty look bigger and get attention from all the guys, while receiving jealousy from all the women.
  • Wear tight pants – pants that are tight all the way from waist to your ankles can be extremely efficient when trying to highlight your bottom curves. Some might think that comes with feeling uncomfortable, however today materials have been improved and even tight jeans can feel comfy.
  • Small pockets – The size of pockets does play an important role. Big pockets will make your butt look smaller, while small pockets create visual effect of having a bigger buttocks.
  • Small purse – Wearing small fashion accessories is the key. Small purse or a clutch is not only elegant thing to add to your clothing style, it also increases the size of your bum, visually.
  • Yoga pants – Yeah, yoga pants are just another thing to try when trying to highlight your bottom. Instead going for jeans all the time you can sometimes look more casual by putting on yoga pants.

And with this we somehow bring this article to an end. These were our 3 tips for a bigger bum, and an effective way for how to get a bigger booty quicker. Remember that all 3 of these should work in synergy and leaving just one of them out will hold you back.

When you focus on exercising your upper glutes (glute medius), when you eat foods promoting growth of your feminine curves, and when you dress the way that highlights the size of your bottom, then you are all set to make guys drop jaws and turn their head once your pass by.

Hope these tips will work for you and that you found our contribution helpful.