How expensive is a silicone sex doll?

Silicone sex dolls are replacing human women for so many men around the world. The silicone material is a realistic alternative to the skin of a woman because it feels smooth to the touch. If you have sex with a doll made from silicone, then you might forget that you’re with a doll at all. That is why men prefer silicone over the cheaper TPE material.

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Many folks don’t want to deal with the drama and heart ache of relationships in 2022 so they seek a real sex doll to help alleviate that from their lives. No worry of infidelity, child support, etc.

Just be careful with silicone because it is less durable than TPE. If you like rough sex with your doll, then silicone might rip if you treat it the wrong way. Therefore, try to be gentle with your silicone sex doll, and it should last you a long time.

The Cost

Are you curious about the price of a silicone sex doll? Most men would love to have a silicone sex doll companion, but they’re afraid of the cost. They hear about certain silicone sex dolls being sold for over $5,000, so they start to freak out. Don’t worry, though, because not all silicone sex dolls cost over $5,000. There are silicone sex dolls being sold for far less than $5,000. Some even sell in the $500 to $1,500 range.

Okay, so why are some silicone sex dolls more expensive than others? The answer has to do with the quality and the number of features included with the doll. It is safe to say that the cheaper silicone sex dolls do not look as realistic as the expensive sex dolls, but that is to be expected. You get what you pay for in the sex doll industry. That is for sure.

Now you’re probably curious about the specific differences between the cheaper and expensive silicone sex dolls. Let’s break down those differences for you below so that you could easily decide which sex doll or the Doll Wives you would want to go for.

The $0 to $500 Range

You will never find a full-size silicone sex doll within this price range. The best you will find are lifelike silicone body parts, such as the face, feet, or hands of a female sex doll. If you are someone who has a fetish for a particular body part on a woman, then you might be satisfied enough with just that part and nothing else. Anyone with under $500 can certainly afford to purchase a silicone foot or hand. You may even find a silicone vagina too. Just don’t expect there to be any woman attached to the vagina.

The $501 to $1500 Range

The $501 to $1,500 price range will get you something more than a mere body part. You can actually enjoy the entire body of a doll too. The only problem is that it is a mini sex doll instead of a full-size sex doll. You can expect your mini sex doll to have a height of anywhere from 24 inches to 36 inches, which is 2 feet to 3 feet.

Beginners may want to practice on a mini sex doll. They still have all the important sexual body parts, such as the mouth, vagina, and anus. The only difference is they’re smaller than the full-size version. But if you’re someone on a limited budget who likes short ladies, then you might enjoy a mini sex doll. At least it’ll give you a tighter feel on your penis when you have sex with it.

The $1501 to $2500 Range

Now we’re entering a price range where the sex dolls get taller. Between $1,501 and $2,500, you can find a sex doll that is around 4 to 5 feet tall. That is considered full-size by many people because there are real sex women who are that tall.

The only problem is their faces and color do not appear 100% realistic. The basic appearance will resemble the face of a woman, but it won’t be very detailed. You’ll see the shape of the face, but with no makeup or textural features included. The breasts and the vagina will likely feel mediocre at best.

But hey, at least you’ll get a taller sex doll that you can have fun with. Some men are satisfied paying under $2,500 to get a silicone sex doll that resembles the height and shape of a sexy woman.

The $2501 to $3500 Range

The realism factor has just gotten even bigger. When you pay up to $3,500 for a sex doll, you are getting a doll with many more features and options. For instance, you will find sex dolls with detachable vaginas, pubic hairs, flexible skeletal joints, and various styles of hair and eyes.

If you want a doll for more than just sex, then purchasing a sex doll that is between $2,501 and $3,500 is a good idea. These are the kinds of dolls that photograph well in front of the camera. If you’re a photographer or artist who wants to capture a beautiful looking woman as she does interesting poses for the camera, then you should purchase a doll within this price range.

As for the detachable vagina, this is such a convenience for any man who does have sex with their doll. It makes the cleaning process so much easier when the vagina can be detached from the rest of the body. You could even run the vagina under a faucet with warm water coming out of it. That is something you could never do if the vagina was still attached to the body.

The $3501 to $4500 Range

The sex dolls continue to get more realistic as you spend between $3,501 and $4,500. There is no doubt that you’ll find a full-size sex doll that looks realistic everywhere. It will have an internal skeletal structure, silicone breasts, tight ass, beautiful face, and gorgeous long legs.

A lot of men who want to purchase a realistic sex doll will start out here. It is not too expensive, nor is it too cheap. The sex doll quality you get here is just good enough to satisfy your everyday sexual needs and desires. And if you want to use the doll for photography and companionship, it is a wonderful substitute for a real person.

The $4501 to $5500 Range

Super realistic sex dolls can be purchased within this price range. You’ll have more options for breast size, ass size, body size, and race. If you want a white woman or Asian woman with a particular breast size or ass size, then you can find those options available for dolls within this price range.

A lot more customization options will be given to you too. You can choose just about everything that you want your sex doll to have, such as skin color, eye color, face, breast size, ass size, race, lips, nails, feet, and more.

Over $5,500

When you spend over $5,500 on a sex doll, you can expect to get a fully customized sex doll with everything that you want it to have. Not only can you choose all the body parts that you want, but you can request your own fictional characters to be created as well.

For instance, if you want a female alien or anime character sex doll created, then you can request that creation to be made for you. A female alien could have pink skin, green skin, purple skin, or whatever you want it to have. The anime character can have a big head with big eyeballs to resemble a character from an anime cartoon. You can really let your imagination run wild when you fully customize your sex doll.

Since every sex doll is made from scratch anyway, the sex doll creators are able to fulfill such requests. It does take them more time and effort to complete those requests, but that is why they cost more money to fulfill.

Over $10,000

You might wonder what could be more realistic than what was just described above. How about a robotic sex doll that can talk, move, and make facial expressions? Robotic sex dolls are still in the infancy stage of development, but there are a few Japanese companies that are already selling prototypes of them.

You won’t find a robotic sex doll being sold for less than $10,000. That is understandable because of all the computer technology that is incorporated into a robotic sex doll. It is a much more difficult sex doll to create, especially when it comes to the face. Each robotic sex doll has several sensors that create movement in the face. That is how it is able to make different facial expressions when it talks or looks at you.


Now you should have a good idea of how much silicone sex dolls cost. There are so many different price ranges to accommodate the budgets of consumers. All you must do is choose the price range that works best for you and make the best of what is available for it. You can also find more silicone sex dolls in Kanadoll online store.

Many experts believe that sex dolls will eventually replace human companionship for many men across the globe. You might think spending $5,000 on a sex doll is expensive, but think about this. How much would you spend on a human companion? Probably a lot more than $5,000, right?

So, a sex doll is a great one-time investment that can pay off every day for you. Learn more about sex toys, please visit