How to choose the right primer?

When it comes to talking about the products to get the flawless makeup, how can we forget about primer? But, choosing the right primer is challenging, and we have to know how we can select the right primer that goes well with our skin and skin tone, of course. The best thing about primer is that it extends the life of the makeup when you put it on your face. Many types of formulas for primers are available in the market that you can buy for reasonable prices, but you have to keep some crucial things in mind before buying a primer. The choice of the right primer depends on some significant factors. Let’s have a view of all these factors in detail!

Your skin type:

The first thing that you need to know before buying a primer is the type of skin you have. Normal skin is a dream of everyone, but unfortunately, not everyone has it. Normal skin possesses normal sized pores, and it doesn’t have any excess oil or dryness. If you have normal skin, then you should not buy a matte primer, for it will make your skin look cracky, and it will ruin the impact of makeup.

If you have oily skin, then you should buy a water-based primer. It will not make your makeup look melting and dripping off your face. The water-based primer will be the right choice for oily skin. On the flip card, if you have dry skin, then you should buy an oil-based primer. If it will not dry your face and your makeup will look glossy without mattifying the makeup and make it look cracky.

Color correction:

The next thing that you need to keep in mind is the color correction. Ask yourself if you want color correction along with the primer. Usually, people use C cream for color correction, but for the ease of you, many brands started making color-based primers. Before buying a color-based primer, first, check it once by applying a little amount of it on your face. If the color matches your skin tone, then you should buy it; otherwise, if you buy a primer whose color mismatches yours, it will look terribly bad. We recommend you not to do experiments like that and choose your primer according to your skin tone so that it may look more natural.

Does Your Skin React Negatively To Most Products?

Sensitive skin is very difficult to handle, for it shows negative reactions to many of the makeup products. You have to be more conscious while buying primer for sensitive skin. While choosing a primer, do a patch test before buying it so that it may not hurt your skin. You can also get help from your skin specialist. Ask him/her to tell you about the ingredients that can hurt your skin. Then whenever you go to buy primer, keep that list with you. Before buying any product, make sure that the product you choose doesn’t have those ingredients.