Top 10 Phishing Attack Examples

How is my PC hacked? Most of the individuals use to pose this inquiry however fortunately, we don’t abstain from hacking. No one takes the preparation how to hack the PC since it is an unlawful demonstration yet notwithstanding this, PCs are hacked. The essential factor is that, we should know the ways, programmers use to hack the framework. Phishing attack examples are the form of hacking your system or any other account.

Hacking a PC to take or view ensured data won’t resolve anything. It reasons for different issues like sent to jail or being fined. There are a few kinds of moral hacking instructional classes that are required to keep from hacking. There are a few signs that will control you that your PC has been hacked. It is important to learn about the phishing attacks and then you will decide about the phishing prevention tips. Learn more about the phishing examples.

What is phishing?

It is a type of cybercrime that criminals use to attain the users to perform some kinds of action. What is a phishing attack? They send emails to the users with the goal to tricking people into falling for their scam. Hackers spread their phishing net for scam and fraud. They conceal user’s identity and use it to open their deceptive emails to steal sensitive information. These attacks are successful due to less security or lack of knowledge about security. Trustifi provides advanced protection against phishing attacks with its world-class cloud-based email security platform. People must consider phishing attack prevention. Some of the Phishing attack examples are given below.

  • Email phishing
  • Spear phishing
  • Domain spoofing
  • Vishing
  • Smishing
  • Clone phishing
  • Search engine phishing
  • Watering hole phishing
  • Evil Twin
  • HTTPs phishing

Email phishing

What is a phishing attack? It is a type of scam. The victim gets a fake mail to check the account and user opens the email and enters the password and other details. This is the way he is attacked.

Spear phishing

This is one of the phishing examples. The hacker sends an email by pretending as your friend. He takes your details and you become the prey.

Domain spoofing

Here the hacker produces the domain of the organization, to imitate its victim. Since the victim gets an email with a similar area name of the organization, they accept that it’s from confided in sources, and consequently are misled. You can use phishing prevention software that can put all these types of mails in to spam.


Learn more about phishing examples archives. It is a type of fraud in which attacker access the high-profile people like COO, CFO, CEO and executive of the company. It is like spear phishing. The attacker spends a long time in taking the information about the victim. You must focus on the phishing email prevention.


In the start and till now attackers use the email forum to do their phishing attacks. But when attacks are done by targeting mobile users. It is known as voice phishing or vishing. Scammer calls on mobile and takes the personal information about the victim. After that he uses their identities.