Album Review: “Love Letters From The Western Gate” by Going To The Sun

Going To The Sun will release the album “Love Letters From The Western Gate” on May 29. As written on their SoundCloud page, this is their first album in six years and is inspired by The Beach Boys. It features the songs “Music For A Party”, “Hopeful Song”, “Broken, Still Beating ft Tonia Hughes Kendrick and Sara Renner”, “Western Gate”, “Dark Before The Dawn”, “Remember Who You Are”, “Dustbowl”, “Rodeo”, “Closer Every Day”, and “What Would I Say”. Fans of pop and rock music should be sure to listen to this album start to finish to decide what they think.

It is highly recommended listeners listen to this album with a multi-speaker setup if possible. This can be a surround sound system, and it can also be headphones or earbuds. This is because Going To The Sun implements different sounds in different speakers, enriching the overall listening experience. Instrumentally, listeners can typically expect to hear electric guitars and drums that have a distinct melody, not just played simply in the background to keep a regular beat. The implementation of this truly shows off the musical talent in the band. The instrumentation is also usually uptempo, matching the style of the vocal melody.

Vocally, Going To The Sun relies a decent amount on harmonies. It should be noted that the lead singer has a very seasoned, polished voice that makes no errors, yet also sounds unprocessed. He has great vocal control, providing smooth vocals to enhance the songs.

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The lyrics provide inspiration at times, and demonstrate a lead for the narrator to get some inspiration at other times. For example, listeners will hear the lyric “You are something great/You are something beautiful” in “Remember You You Are”. However, they’ll also hear “Somebody sing a hopeful song” in “Hopeful Song”, as the narrator seeks out help and inspiration. A music video has been released for “Hopeful Song” in which the band members are shown playing their instruments, and the lead singer alongside people outside of the band sing along.