The importance of dental floss for a complete oral cleaning

Many of the problems related to oral health arise due to poor or incorrect oral hygiene. The spaces between the teeth and gums and those between the teeth must enjoy special attention during daily cleaning: they must always be clean and free of plaque to avoid the onset of problems.

These spaces are impossible to reach with the use of the brush and this is precisely why dentists like this Great dentist in Avon Lake recommend the use of dental floss.

What is dental floss?

Dental floss is a thin plastic or nylon tape that is gently inserted between two teeth to remove plaque and any food residue. However, it is not enough to use it: it is necessary to adopt the correct technique so that its effectiveness is maximized and complete cleaning. 

How do you use dental floss?

The Association of American Dental Hygienists recommends following some key points for proper cleaning:

  • Always wash your hands before starting
  • Use 50 cm of floss and wrap a small part in the middle finger of the two hands
  • Wrapping the wire in the middle finger allows you to use your index finger to manage and move the wire.
  • Guide the dental floss with the index and thumb of both hands
  • Let the dental floss slide between your teeth using a back and forth motion. When you reach the gum line forming a “C” around the tooth, wrap it and take care to clean it completely
  • When you move on to cleaning the next tooth, unroll a new clean part of dental floss from your hand and wrap the one already used with the other hand.

You can also view Best Cordless Water Flosser which are much easier to operate than the traditional ones. Also, they help you save time while maintaining your oral hygiene.

Can dental floss be used with a fixed orthodontic appliance?

Using dental floss is also necessary when wearing the fixed orthodontic appliance. The technique is the same, but the wire is passed through the fixture armature to reach the tooth.

It is important to try not to trap the wire in the metal parts: to avoid this problem, dentists recommend the use of waxed threads, which are less likely to hook. 

How to pass the dental floss wearing the fixed appliance?

No matter the starting point, you can start from the upper or lower arch, from the front or rear teeth. However, it is important to clean all the teeth on each side, edge and space: food residues can be found everywhere.

Benefits of using Cordless Water Flosser

  • Enhance your oral hygiene routine with the water sprinkler for additional interdental cleaning.
  • Advantages: It improves the health of the gums and gently removes food trapped between the teeth, especially cables and braces.
  • Technology: Enriches water with micro-bubbles of air to increase your oral health routine with the on-demand button you can control the flow of water with precision.
  • Customize your cleaning experience with four cleaning modes, it has two intensity settings: Sensitive and regular, each can be used with two nozzle water flows: Focused or rotating.
  • Cordless: Easily treated without water volume attachments, this protection offers products from a spray of water in any direction