Install a satellite dish or TV aerial

Can’t connect your home to ADSL, cable or fiber? No need to worry, in this case you can get HD TV channels by installing computer aerial or satellite dish.

Glad to know that if you have a TV you need to set up a dealer. This is a very important step.

Don’t you wait any longer? Because we’ve developed a step-by-step process that really helps with the question of how you can combine things for that purpose. So let’s get started with a tv aerial installation.

Where the radio signal is of poor quality or not available, the installation of a motor parabolic aerial provides maximum reception. The installation should be in an independent position on the roof opposite the end of the penny or the fireplace. The connection to the television is made by an HD coaxial cable with a coaxial cable.

Satellite aerial hardware

Install the plate and adjust it in advance. Adjust the direction of the plate to the existing satellite (Erata, Franciste, etc.) using the device plate, indicator inclinations on the support (such as gestures, hands, etc.) as directed by the manufacturer.

Connect the satellite signal to the tip of the hand.

To save time during installation, you will be helped especially with the quality of image acquisition.

Connect 2 aerials

Connect recipients to decoder. Connect a coaxial cable to connect the F to the terminal in the direction of the receiver. Next, connect the cable from your access provider to the HD receiver box. Attach the cable to the wall with a jumper, or if the TV is mounted under the calves, install it under the tiles.

3 Satellite aerial alignment

Install the plate depending on the direction of the satellite, arrange the remote floor at the end of the ear or at the foot of the platform. Connect the satellite aerial and navigate to the satellite according to the image coordinate. After improving the image and sound quality, leave the plate on the back.

Secure the cable with the spindle or offset with arm cable ties or tape.

Useful information: Get help determining the reception quality of pictures and sounds or if you have a TV channel.

Connect 4 satellite aerials

Connect the satellite aerial cable. You can connect the aerial cable according to the TV with HD decoder connected aerial cable. Click on the link to see more information about tv aerial installation.

If you have some televisions that do not support TNT HD, assign a TNT HD decoder to each channel.

Choice of solutions

TV reception in HD can be done via:


– The reception of the DVB HD is carried out on condition of having one or more televisions compatible MPEG-4. HD. Otherwise the installation of an external HD decoder is compulsory.


– This solution is to be preferred when the reception signal is too weak and if the geographical area where the house is located is not covered by TNT HD.