10 powerful quotes for getting over your ex

Getting over a breakup is a procedure that includes educating yourself to move forward as a new being. It is not tranquil work but it is value it to discover who you are actually destined to be. I have confidence in these ten quotes by Keishorne Scott can comfort you to reframe your thoughts and discover your best self during this very sensitive process.

1. “Don’t let anyone break your heart and come back like it’s okay. You are not to be used whenever it’s convenient. Know your worth.”

When you have given your heart to someone, it can be very hard to not allow them back into your life after you break up. However, the most important learning in this process is that you are valuable without them. Don’t allow someone to choose you only when it is convenient. You deserve to be with someone who values you at all times.

2. “My heart breaks for anyone who lays in bed at night and wonders why they weren’t good enough for the one person they would give the world to. But here’s the truth, it’s better to break your own heart by walking away than sticking around where love doesn’t exist. Be strong!”

So often we stay in a relationship where we aren’t treated as well as we could be or loved as deeply as we could be. It is important to recognize that you deserve love and respect. When that isn’t forefront in your relationship, it is time to move on. It is a difficult leap to take, but you are worth it.

3. “Stop breaking your own heart checking up on your ex. It doesn’t matter who they’re seeing, who they’re dating, or what they’re doing. It’s none of your business. They’re living their life without you. Stop allowing their absence to ruin your breakthrough.”

As hard as it is to hit that unfollow button, it is so important for your healing. It doesn’t help you to move forward if you are constantly checking to see who your ex is spending their time with. Be brave. Hit the block button. You will breathe so much easier once you do.

4. “Just because they texted you doesn’t mean you have to answer. Just because they liked your photo doesn’t mean you have to message them. Learn to let go. Stop having hope in people who weren’t on your level. Don’t lose sleep thinking about them. They aren’t worried about you.”

Relationships are built on habits and patterns of behavior. We are used to answering our ex because that’s what we always did. But those patterns of behavior no longer apply. They may have reached out, but that doesn’t mean you have to respond. It also can slow your journey if you do. Break the habits and rework the patterns of behavior by not responding to your ex.

5. “They never deserved you. Stop trying to force love out of empty hearts and commitment out of shallow people. You’re better off single than together and unloved.”

This is such hard learning and takes time to really embrace. You may have loved them fully but that doesn’t mean they felt the same. Forced love is not healthy love. Believe that healthy and reciprocal love is out there for you and give yourself time and space to find it.

6. “God is shifting you. That’s why you might feel uncomfortable at the moment. Trust the process. A new season is approaching.”

Change is uncomfortable and oftentimes very messy. This process is not linear. It is often one step forward and two steps back. However, trust that God has a plan for you and that He wants you to find the love you deserve. Breathe and continue on your journey.

7. “Stop checking your phone. They’re not going to text you, apologize, and ask for you back. It’s time to move on! See rejection as redirection. Boss up!”

After a breakup, it is so important to find ways to fill the time you would have spent with  your ex, either in person or on your phone. Instead of waiting for your ex to call or text, call or text a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Or put your phone on the charger and go for a walk or sit outside with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Redirect your time to take care of you!

8. “Don’t ever let an old flame burn you twice.”

Old relationships are predictable. You know what to expect. As we are grieving the loss of a relationship, the thought of getting back together can be very appealing. However, you broke up for a reason. There was something not working in your relationship, something you couldn’t reconcile. Remember that when you find yourself thinking about your ex and wondering if you could make it work this time. The pain is difficult but this growth process will ultimately help you to be in a better place.

9. “Save yourself the trouble. Don’t text your ex and stop chasing expired people. You deserve better. No matter how hard the healing process is. You’ll make it.”

Every relationship we have in our life is meant to teach us something. Our task is to learn the lessons we are meant to learn and move forward. Some relationships aren’t meant to last forever; they are simply meant to teach us about the kind of love we want and deserve. Don’t let an expired relationship hold you back from who you are meant to be. You can put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward.

10. “Your ex isn’t responsible for your healing process. They don’t care how long it takes you to heal, they don’t care how many nights you cry, and they don’t care how many meals you skip. You are responsible for your heart. Life is too short to live each day in broken pieces. You have to fight! Prove your pain wrong!”

It can be hard to get out of bed. It can be hard to try and go about your day when your heart is broken. It can be just plain hard. It is important to remember that this is a healing process. It takes work and time to move through the process. You have to constantly force yourself to get up and tackle the day but you can do it! You are strong and you are worth the fight.

The process of rediscovering yourself after a breakup is taxing work. It is a daily fight to keep moving forward and to look at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself that you are worth it. I hope these quotes can become daily affirmations to help you through that journey to grow and learn about the love you deserve. You are worth it and you can do this!

Keishorne Scott