Top 3 Emoji Keyboard Apps For Ios Users

Nothing spices up your phone conversations, like using your favorite emojis. You may not know it, but many emoji apps specialize in our emoji use. These emoji apps bring a lot of added features that make it a valuable tool.

We use emojis almost every chance we can get. There is no more excellent feeling than putting your stamp of approval on something with the 100 emoji. Just like the emoji, your emoji app of choice should also feel like 100. Pick the one that makes your life a lot easier. Make sure that you will be able to use your favorite emojis when you want it and how you want it.

Some emoji apps have a lot of bonus features. One thing is for sure: you must pick out the emoji app with a lot of emojis. Emojis are a fun way to describe our emotions. There should be no shortage of emojis that correctly describe our feelings! Use these emoji apps on all of your phone conversations!


We are going to kick our emoji app list off with Bitmoji. You may have an idea of what Bitmoji is all about. It is one of the popular emoji keyboard apps on the app store. The reason why it is famous is that Bitmoji brings a lot of customization options to the table. Bitmoji functions as an emoji keyboard app that has an avatar creation option.

Who would not want to design their avatar? The fun thing about creating your avatar is that your avatar becomes the emoji. Yes, your avatar takes on the different emotions that any emoji might bring. If that is not the highest level of personalization, then I do not know what is.

Your custom avatar emoji is the perfect way to be personal with your conversations. Using your personalized emojis could feel like a fun way of adding some spice into your phone conversations. If you want to see the avatar version of you rock the heart eyes emoji, then use Bitmoji on your iPhone.

The Line Emoji Keyboard

LINE is a well-known messaging app that has been around the app store for a while now. You can get a combination of cuteness to go with your social networking needs with LINE. Also, LINE has an emoji keyboard that is a helpful tool in describing your emotions.

Emoji keyboard from LINE works around anywhere on your phone as long as a text field exists. That is right. You will be able to use this emoji keyboard together with your social media apps.

Whether it is Twitter, WhatsApp, and more, you will have access to your favorite emojis.

You can use the famous characters in this emoji keyboard app. Describe your feelings in a caption, and do not forget the matching emojis to go with the post or tweet! The emoji keyboard app from LINE is sure to add a dose of cuddly, sweet, and sugary emotions to your social media habits.

Moji Edit

This emoji keyboard app has a resemblance to Bitmoji. You will also be able to create your avatar in Moji Edit. But for Moji Edit, you will be able to add your personalized avatar to your keyboard. This process is hassle-free so that you can use your custom emojis right from the get-go!

Dress your avatar up with the hundreds of clothing options available. Everything from the hairstyle to the makeup is all up to however you want your avatar to look. You can customize your avatar to be a digital version of you!

Of course, your avatar will take the different expressions of emojis. You will surely be able to see how your avatar will look like with the dollar sign on your eyes. Your avatar will even get a fancy background! You can use Moji Edit for $50 per year. $50 would get you a bunch of additional features that you might not find on other emoji keyboard apps!


Emoji keyboard apps have a lot of features that may suit your emoji needs. It may not even just cater to your emoji needs. It also caters to your need to express yourself. Make sure you pick the one that does not limit your ability to convey your emotions! Use these emoji keyboard apps to add a dose of fun to your messaging, chat, and social media needs!