Dina Renee releases brand new music video “What I’m Not Gonna Do”

Dina Renee just released her music video for her successful song “What I’m Not Gonna Do”. The song is an empowerment message of leaving a bad relationship that isn’t right for you and the video reflects that message. “I wanted to create a Barbie and Ken dream world that isn’t what it seems because well; shocker, Ken turns out to be gay. However, I didn’t even realize it until he leaves me a note. By the end of it, we both find our true selves and we are able to live out our truths” explains Dina. She hopes the video will leave people feeling inspired to be themselves and not stay in a relationship with someone that isn’t right for them. “I wanted the phrase “What I’m Not Gonna Do” to be a mantra for people who need that extra push of empowerment to know that they can survive on their own” Dina explains. The video features a vivid hot pink set that looks like a dollhouse some of us had when we were kids and 1950s styled wardrobe that makes you feel like you went back in time. It immediately catches your eye and gets you hooked to the story.

Dina hails from Knoxville, TN and is now based in Los Angeles. Her latest single “What I’m Not Gonna Do” has hit over half a million plays across all streaming platforms. She is currently working on new music and plans to release singles throughout 2020. Be sure to follow her for updates on new releases.