Cailin Russo Releases ‘It’s Cool’

Cailin Russo returns today with the release of a sultry new song, “It’s Cool.” Serving as the follow-up to “Assume,” which Alternative Press praised for Cailin’s “delicate and emotional delivery,” “It’s Cool” is the latest in a string of new tracks set for release this year—all on the heels of her latest EP, The Drama.

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Speaking about the origins of the new song, Cailin reveals “It’s Cool” actually has a funny story. I wrote it the day I signed my very first record deal. Making me an official artist. I was over the moon. I was at my lawyer’s office and had someone record me signing the contract,” she explains. “I immediately called someone I loved dearly and they kind of ripped me apart and made me feel bad about my newest endeavor and maybe the most exciting day of my life up until then. I drove to the studio from my lawyer’s office It took about an hour. It started to rain as I pulled up to Speak Easy Studios. I had my first session with Kyle Ross. I walked in and said ‘Fuck everything that was geared up to write on today… do you play guitar?’ He said yes… I asked him play 4 sad chords. And thus ‘It’s Cool’ was born. The song to me is about when you’re passed the point of upset. You’re passed the point of anger, you’re so over heated that it’s cool.”