Why Go Shampoo Free?

It is important to explain why someone might go shampoo free or NoPoo before telling them how to go shampoo free. On the internet, you can find a lot of resources on shampoo-free life. So, I’m not going recycle information or reinvent the wheel. But I’m going to mention some reasons that speak most to me.

1. Shampoo is a detergent:

Our body produces natural oils that are healthy and keeps our hair soft, strong and protects them. Shampoo not only cleans our hair but also removes these natural oils with the dirt.

Before shampoo was introduced, people wash their hair with a good-old soap. This soap removes all the dirt without removing that essential natural oil from the hair. But in alkaline water soap doesn’t work well. So, soap becomes inadequate when water becomes mineral-heavy such as in civilized areas. It began to make hair rougher and weaker. Then shampoo was introduced in the early 20th century. It promoted with its only advantage that it works both in soft and hard water.

As we know, detergent is harsh, and shampoo is fundamentally a detergent. So, we do damage to our hair every time we use commercial shampoo.

2. Shampoo contain all sorts of chemicals:

We usually prefer natural food and avoid faux food to keep ourselves healthy. But our largest organ is the skin, and through our skin, a harmful substance can directly and quickly enter the bloodstream and can stay there for a long time.

So, we should set the same standard for our skin as we set for our food. As we try not to buy the food products that have unpronounceable ingredients, similarly, we should not purchase such products for our skin as well in which shampoo is included.

Mineral oil is present in most of the shampoos; mineral oil is a result when gasoline purified from crude oil. When mineral oil is added with the hundreds of other products into the shampoo, it gives an artificial shine to our hair. And since like other ingredients, it can’t absorb in our skin. And on our scalp, it acts as a barrier, stopping oil from getting out. Thus, removing that grease require more shampoo.

So, in that case, the more shampoo we use, the more we need it.

3. Shampoo is an unnecessary cost:

By using shampoo, you create a cycle that makes you dependent on the stuff which includes other hair products. For instance, when the protective natural oil removes by using shampoo, then to overcome it, you need a conditioner, which is an artificial protectant.

After that, when your hair covered with unnatural products, to keep your hair workable, reliable, and styled, you required more unnatural products. These products include gels, waxes, mousses etc.

We can spend our money somewhere else which we wasted on these products that we honestly didn’t need.

There are many other reasons: like for our kiddos, we need to buy a tear-free shampoo, which increases our expenses. And shampoo causes my husband’s scalps itchy and dry. After we read about it, it makes much sense for us to encourage a shampoo-free life because using shampoo isn’t a death-or-life situation for us.