Benefits of Instagram Marketing

As we know, the usage of social media platforms is increasing rapidly. Nowadays, social media marketing has become a valuable strategy for the business, and also it plays a vital role in the progress of any business. But due to the change in consumer preferences, it is difficult to manage different platforms and strategies for each.

It means that if you are using different social media markets life, Facebook, Twitter, and many other platforms, you are not sure that you have to use Instagram or not. But the important thing is that there are still 800 million users on Instagram. It could surely worth your time and that’s why people try to get more and more Instagram views.

1. Its visual

As you all know, Instagram is a media (photos/videos) sharing platform. It may sound like we are stating the obvious here. Not like other platforms, Instagram is specially used for photos and videos, while the other focuses on text and links, etc.

No doubt, photos give your business a chance to highlight your products, but the video is an excellent way to show your business in action. Also, you can show your customers behind the scenes aspects of your business so you can drive more traffic because your customers know the nature and culture of your business.

2. It has high engagement rates

According to a survey in 2016, Instagram users liked over 4.2 billion posts per day. A post with at least one hashtag engages more traffic than posts without hashtags. I think this reason is enough for many social media marketers to use this platform.

When you post something on Instagram, more of your followers can see it. It is not the same in the case of other social media. Most of the social media marketers now use paid advertising. It is available on all social media platforms to get their posts in front of their followers.

3. Your business may already be there

Whether you are using Instagram or not, but some of your customers probably are. It might be possible that your customer has already posted about your business.

If your business has a physical location that your customers visit, this is very helpful to grow your business. For example, a retail store or a restaurant, and if the customer visit, he/she can add location tags in their posts. And now, your business has a tag on Instagram.

Customers may also post photos of your products and tag them with your brand name. This is especially true for retailers who sell clothing, housewares, and other consumer-based products.

If they buy something from your shop or eat something from your restaurant, they may also post photos of your products and tag it with your brand name. Now all their followers see this post, and maybe they even start visiting your shop or restaurant.

If you are still not interested in using Instagram for your business, we recommend you at least create a personal account only to monitor your customer reviews about your business. This will also help you to figure out all the pros and cons of your business.