Guide for YouTube in 2020

When it started in 2005, nobody would have ever predicted a video hosting website, created by three former employees of PayPal. YouTube was revolutionary, but building a career out of creating content for this platform would have sounded like a fools dream. In the 15 years since however, being a Youtuber is a viable profession. With popular youtubers earning Millions of dollars annually, it’s not hard to see why more and more people are stepping into this field in hopes of hitting it big here.

However, considering the sheer number of content generators on the site, is making a name here even possible? Well, in all honesty, YouTube has become rather saturated. There are hundreds if not thousands of channels creating very similar content. So is it even possible to create a career out of YouTube in the prevailing scenario?

Well, it is not impossible, though it might be quite difficult. No longer do we live in an era where just a video camera and an interesting topic is all one would need to start off a successful YouTube career. In today’s day and age, one needs to put in a lot more effort to achieve success. Without a proper understanding of SEO and some online marketing techniques, stay afloat on YouTube can prove to be near impossible.

In this article, one will find certain tips that may help them find success in this venture.

These tips are generalized and should be able to help individuals irrespective of the kind of channel they intend on creating and also boost your YTviews.

The first and most important thing is research. Now this is a bracket term, as there is a lot to cover here. You start off with a realistic goal. This means that you need to set up your channel with a plan of what you hope to achieve and how you plan on achieving it.

The next thing you need to know is your competition. Be it gaming, make-up, vlogging or pretty much anything else, you can be sure that someone else has already done it on YouTube. So check out your competition and find out how you can be better.

Research SEO and keywords. This is something that a lot of people tend to ignore. The right tags can ensure that you get more viewers and thus help boost the consumption of your content.

After research, your next phase is content. Good content is what will keep your audience with you. Now this doesn’t mean that as long as your content is entertaining, you’ll have a great audience. With all the options that are now available, YouTube viewers don’t compromise for quality. This means that you will have to ensure that your videos are well shot, well-edited and well written.

Once you have your content, you need to look into networking and marketing. This can make or break your channel.

One important aspect of this is your activity on social media. Using sites like Instagram and twitter is vital, when it comes to keeping up with your audience.

Shout outs can make a huge difference. PewDiePie just mentioned Jacksepticeye in one of his videos and his follower count shot up like crazy. This is where networking comes in handy. Collaborations, promotions and so on can really help your challenge. There is another way in boosting your channel subscribers reach i.e by buy youtube subscribers india.

All this said, there is no guaranteed method to success when it comes to YouTube channels. There’s a lot of effort and some luck that’s required. Though these tips will definitely help you on your path to becoming a successful YouTuber. Ultimately, as long as you’re having fun, you’ll find all you seek.