Jaz Clemente – Something “A little brighter” during ‘rona lockdown

Oakland artist Jaz Clemente is following up his lo-fi February release with his first single of the quarantine season, “A little brighter”, a jazzy soul pop-ish weirdo love song. Produced with @gyrefunk (from future-funk duo TRKRNR), the sound is lush, familiarly-groovy, and evokes sweet-chill sunshine days outside.

Song Link: https://soundcloud.com/jazclemente/a-little-brighter/

The artist explains the thoughts behind the track: “The song was written at a couple of airports while finishing up a month-long solo trip in Colombia and Peru late last year. While observing people and myself, it seemed so obvious to me how all everyone wanted was for someone to listen to them, to be heard. Feels very fitting during the social distancing times, folks are wanting to share how they’re feeling with more than just their cats or roommates and all we need to do is step up and be there for, or listen to, each other.”

Jaz Clemente’s “A little brighter” is out now wherever you listen to music. Follow him on Spotify (if you don’t already) and on YouTube as the artist’s next releases will be live performances of new and old tracks.