Side Door becomes premier platform for artists to ticket their online shows in face of COVID-19

As the live performance sector struggles to find its footing in the face of COVID-19, Side Door is increasing its ongoing commitment to serve artists by creating shows anytime, anywhere. As of March, the platform now includes ticketed live-streamed shows.

Unlike many live streams being hosted online during the pandemic, Side Door shows are bucking the trend of free performances in favour of setting up private, ticketed streaming events as a means to generate revenue for artists. They are also waiving any commission fees for the month of April, ensuring all ticket sales go directly back to the performers.

“Side Door has always used entertainment as a means to foster community and it remains our core offering. When people buy a ticket for something, they put it in their calendar and tune in for the full event. These online shows via Side Door offer a sustainable model for artists that doesn’t rely on donations,” says Side Door co-founder, Dan Mangan. “Rather than broadcasting to the world for a couple of minutes passively, our artists are establishing valuable impromptu communities and a real sense of connection.”