Blind Uncle Harry New Single “Hillbilly Hippie Haiku Heaven”

I jumped into Hillbilly Hippie Haiku Heaven completely unaware of what to expect. I’m glad I was not taking a drink because I surely would have spit it out. I don’t know if all of Blind Uncle Harry’s songs are this hilarious or blunt, but I really enjoy this one. With a title like Hillbilly Hippie Haiku Heaven I should have been able to guess that it was going to be something ridiculous, but I only woke up a little bit ago before starting this so my brain must not be at full capacity yet.

It’s a fairly straight-forward tack with the hyper-country sound to it. There’s a banjo being picked throughout, which oddly, I enjoy a great deal. Banjoes are very underrated instruments, in my opinion. That’s about it. There are really no other instruments used. I think this really adds an element of authenticity to the song. It may be a comedic track, but it’s one thing to just have silly lyrics, and another to dive headfirst into the atmosphere and really sell the goofiness of a song.


Blind Uncle Harry’s voice is fairly unique, playing up the stereotypes of what we think hillbillies sound like. The speed of his delivery makes it difficult to grasp every word that he sings throughout the song. But this means the song lends itself easily to repeat listens, each time gleaming something new from the lyrics. The length of the track is surprising to me as it doesn’t feel like it is five minutes.

I liked the layering of vocals throughout the track as well. It gives it this messy, spontaneous aesthetic that just makes you want to sing along. It sounds like it would be incredibly fun in a live setting. Hillbilly Hippie Haiku Heaven is gives off the vibe of pub song, perfect for drunken singalongs. I love a good Irish pub type of song and it’s nice to hear a song that is in that vein but from a more, well, hillbilly point of view.

The song is fun, upbeat, and hilarious. It’s simple and easily accomplishes what it wants to say and do. Blind Uncle Harry, who for some reason I keep calling Henry, must have known he was on to something with this track. He comes off with the lyrics and tune in a way that it sounds like he is making up on the spot. The whole song is weird but enjoyable. For anybody who is looking to forget their worries, I would suggest listening to Hillbilly Hippie Haiku Heaven. I have no doubt that it will make your cares disappear.

Written by PhantomAngel