MORGAN JOANEL (Perth) shares slice of seductive alt-pop with new single ‘Disappear’

Fueled by self-belief and a passion that itself is fuelled by talent and hard work, Morgan Joanel is steadily building a creative empire that spans beyond her native art-form of music into visual and wearable art. An unbridled spirit, Morgan has been a creative force for the last decade Australia-wide and beyond, recently returning to her hometown of Perth to create her latest music release. Whilst her ride from independent to major label artist and back again has been a rollercoaster of big dreams and stifled creativity, the highs and lows have only strengthened her resolve and lifted her game to a world-class standard. Specialising in seductive alt-pop songs, this energy abounds on Morgan’s latest single, Disappear – marking the highest point of her storied music career.

Blessed with a smoky, honey-toned voice, Morgan’s music has always had an alluring quality, highlighted especially in her evocative live performances where live looping of layered harmonies, beats and guitars showcase her musical abilities. From a creatively frustrating experience signed to the world’s largest major label to the freedom and artistic limitlessness of her own independence, Morgan is merging both music and art into a multi-dimensional vision. The concept: a 5 track EP with visual artworks to expand on the music; was funded entirely by her widespread fanbase through a hugely successful Kickstarter.