3 Resources You Will Need to Go on Tour

Planning your first tour is both exhilarating and nerve-racking. To ensure things run smoothly, you will need to carefully plan ahead and be sure to bring everything you need with you. Here are three resources you will need and therefore need to arrange in advance.

A Quality Ticketing Service

There are a number of online ticket selling services that you can use to sell tickets to fans. In some cases, the venue itself may handle ticketing and then provide you your agreed-upon cut afterwards. When deciding on a ticketing service, you will want to carefully compare factors such as service fees and how they present their event pages. Encourage early buying and use this time to drum up buzz and excitement for your tour. Some ticketing services even have marketing tools built into their platform for you to use.


Your band or performing act cannot go on tour without proper transportation. Traditionally, this means buses, so you will likely be looking at a bus rental. Be sure to read the contracts carefully and understand your responsibilities as well as any limitations on usage. Buy additional insurance if needed to ensure you are not liable financially for any damage to a rented vehicle. If you are going abroad for your tour, you will need to arrange air travel. Most performers fly commercial, but some might choose to charter planes for more flexibility and access to more destinations.

Tour-Specific Merchandise to Sell

Aside from tickets, merchandise will be a significant revenue generator throughout your tour. You should produce merchandise that will be exclusively available on the tour as an incentive for fans to attend and buy it. You can also make this merch available to purchase in advance so fans can wear it to your concerts or events. Another option is to give fans a hand in designing the merchandise, perhaps by holding a contest or a vote for the best designs. Be sure to order enough stock early so it will arrive by the time you are set to leave and last throughout the tour.

You will need certain resources to go on tour and must start procuring them before you start out. The logistics of planning a tour are not simple and only get more complicated as your fame increases, especially if you have a contract with a major label. Work with the right people and do your part to ensure your tour will be a success.