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The Blinders share video for new single ‘Forty Days And Forty Nights’

The Blinders have shared the video for their new single, ‘Forty Days And Forty Nights’, the latest track to be taken from their upcoming album Fantasies Of A Stay At Home Psychopath, out on May 8th via Modern Sky UK.

Shrouded in a foreboding red light, the video switches between footage of singer Tom Haywood declaiming the track’s lyrics in a working men’s club and a dance routine choreographed to reflect its manic and murderous intent, combining to create a powerful, intoxicating and threatening visual.

NY electronic artist Photay announces ‘Waking Hours’ LP

It’s 2020, and everyone is exhausted. Things are falling apart, and then there’s the day-to-day stress of just existing in the modern world. Screens are everywhere, we’re all tethered to our phones and social media; trying to keep up with it all seems just as impossible as unplugging altogether, especially when we’re all feeling that neverending push to always be productive—inspiration and motivation be damned.


Over a hard hitting beat, he spits claustrophobic rhymes before dropping the instantly chant-able hook, “I hit em up.” Shot D.I.Y. in his hometown, the accompanying video depicts Loaded and friends holed up in a dark house with light barely peeking through the blinds. Surrounded by smoke, the clip reflects the intensity of his delivery and rawness of his lyrics.

EP: Joey Trap – CHAMP

Satisfying his fans with his prolific output and a wide variety of styles, Joey Trap is one of the hardest workers in the rap game. Today, Joey channels his kinetic creative energy into CHAMP, his latest EP and third project in three months. An 11-pack of textured, feel-good trap music, CHAMP finds Joey in flex-mode, “F*ck it I do my thing/VVS bless my chain/I did this on my own, so if I lose myself to blame,” he rhymes on project highlight “Right Now.” Featuring the recent single “I DO,” which inspired a mischievous wedding-set new video, CHAMP EP showcases Joey’s diverse taste in production–he likes echoing 808s, plinking percussion, and earworm-y guitar lines. Joey artfully mixes boasts and biography, reflecting on how his past struggles inform his desire for stardom. Dedicated to all the champs in Joey’s life, from his mother to his brother to his fans at home, CHAMP EP is available to stream everywhere via Young Rich Squad/PIVTL Projects.

Ryann Releases Emotional Cover of Post Malone’s “Circles”

Embracing formative folk influences and returning to guitar and piano, she started composing solo music. On her debut single “JFK,” she introduced an intimate and irresistible style. Backed by sparse, lilting guitar and barely audible keys, her breathy delivery enchants with relatable confessions. Most recently Ryann released her second solo single and video for “Drive”, which is the second track off of her anxiously awaited EP due to be released later this year. Listen to “JFK” HERE & “Drive” HERE.

Meet AKA George – Self-isolating 2020

AKA George his wrote his own PR below and it’s quite a read, not your typical nonsense. And to support his new single he’s made a Coronavirus inspired video. As you do these days…

Starpainter – “Mark of Cain”

Starpainter exists in the neatly carved out spaces between rock and country and pop. They wear their influences on their sleeves, with pride, showcasing strong songwriting and an affinity for classic folk and rock. They’ve created a record that is representative of a modern, new era of alt-country: a two-step here, a ballad there, a radio-worthy chorus in between.

Minneapolis noise rap trans artist Moodie Black share heavy ‘FUZZ’ LP

Moodie Black, the cosmic punk rock witch dream of rapper/producer/poetess K-Death and guitarist/sound warlock Sean Lindhal, isn’t out to push rap’s boundaries– no, they are in fact lighting a barbed-wire and nails infused molotov cocktail at the gates and slow-mo walking away as the towers of rap’s perceptions crumble into ash, leaving ancient sigils and totems in the wake of the destruction. Moodie Black’s music is a swirling blast of both chaos and calm, where sonic entropy and stasis meet in the warp of a black hole. They’re a rap band infused with gothic shamanism; they’re a noise band that eschews the hedonistic pathology of so-called noise music when they conjure darkness and not so much through the expected nihilism but in celebration and catharsis. Today the duo share the heavy and intense FUZZ LP (out today on Fake Four Inc.). You can listen here.

Dr. Fresch Joins Up With FREAK ON For House-Infused Single “THICCC”

The new single follows up Dr. Fresch’s February Dim Mak banger “Bon Appétit,” riddled with the unforgiving energy that is consistent throughout his heavy repertoire. “THICCC” reignites Dr. Fresch’s hot streak of drops, making good use of his trademark fusion of heavy bass and G-house sounds. In addition to “Bon Appétit,” Dr. Fresch has been in the lab cooking up mixes for his die-hard fans. Earlier this year he released the second installment of his annual compilation, The Remedy, which featured 21 songs from his close friends alongside 3 new originals. He’s also frequently appeared on isolation livestream events geared towards worldwide fans at home. Notable sets included Beyond Wonderland’s Virtual Rave-A-Thon and Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, the latter of which he performed a B2B set with Jayceeoh.

Rising Pop Singer AUSTN Shares New Single “Phases”

Today, 17-year-old singer/songwriter AUSTN returns with an emotionally charged new single called “Phases.” Released via 10K Projects, the sweet and soulful track centers on the showstopping vocal presence he’s previously brought to songs like “In Betweenin'” — a 2019 single that’s amassed over 40.8 million streams Spotify.

Slow Dress release debut single “Stew” via York Calling

Earlier this morning, Boston/St. Louis-based duo Katie Solomon and Bredon Jones released “Stew,” their debut single as Slow Dress, with a premiere on York Calling.

Discovery: Slow Dress

French Electrical Rock/Folk/Bluegrass Quartet The One Armed Man shared new single “Infection”

About one year after the official release of ‘1’, French Rock/Folk/Bluegrass four-piece The One Armed Man is about to release the sequel of this record with ‘2’ coming out later this year on CD & Digital editions through Flying Cow Prod / Inouïe Distribution.

The Beautiful Mistake’s New 5 song EP “You’re Not Broken. I Am”

“Memento Mori doesn’t just keep up the band’s sterling legacy, it also seems to prove why 2020 was the year The Beautiful Mistake came back. The track is powerful, with crashing riffs and a big, singalong chorus, and yet it maintains a sense of vulnerable realness that doesn’t make it feel too dreamy or saccharine. This isn’t a throwback emo track, it’s an anthem for kids right now who are dealing with elevated suicide rates and cultural exhaustion, but who are slowly finding their way out of the cave.”- Kerrang!


The French quintet STINKY – whose metallic hardcore “makes you feel like you can headbutt through a brick wall,” according to Midlands Metalheads Radio – have unveiled a music video for the second preview track for their forthcoming third album (and M-Theory Audio debut), “Of Lost Things.” Check out “Strangers With Familiar Faces” – which debuted via Germany’s Visions magazine – at this location:

VANESSA SKANTZE: BrooklynVegan Premieres “Wind”

Writhing Treasure Feast is a soundtrack to SKANTZE’s solo dance exploration. Here, SKANTZE explores the sounds of the fierce beauty, pain, resourcefulness, and resurrection of the land, the people, the creatures, and elements of the original Americas, dancing with the gods of Mexico, North America, and Haiti primarily. Writhing Treasure Feast draws from the artist’s travels to Mexico and Haiti, her experience and initiation into a Vodou Sosyete (community) in New Orleans, and her residency in Seattle, the traditional land of the Duwamish People.

Reliant Tom shares heartfelt, visceral new single “Nevermind the Garbage”

Brooklyn-based experimental art-rock duo, Reliant Tom shares new single “Nevermind the Garbage” and announces a new forthcoming album ‘Play & Rewind’ out May 8th, 2020 via Diversion Records. We’ve partnered with Black Book Magazine to bring you the vulnerable and visceral new song. Singer Claire Cuny took inspiration from the tragic passing of her father who died suddenly in 2018 on the day of the band’s last album release no less. Claire explains, “The song is about learning to return to a semi-normal routine by learning to manage the grief…”

BlackBook Premiere: Visceral New Reliant Tom Single ‘Nevermind The Garbage’