New Video By Sada Baby ft King Von “Pressin”

Detroit native Sada Baby is back with a visual for “Pressin” ft King Von.

Notably hailed by Stereogum “But if you spend enough time with Sada Baby, the thing you walk away with isn’t individual lines or even individual songs. It’s the totality of it, the overwhelming erratic energy. Sada Baby is rapping like he needs to scream every idea he has out into the world while he’s still got time. This could just be because he’s got music saved up. Sada Baby has said that he’s recently gotten out of a bad label situation. These days, he’s no longer signed with fellow Detroit native Tee Grizzley’s Grizzley Gang label. Maybe that’s why he’s dropping so many videos right now. But the effect is one of total urgency – an all-time run taking shape before our eyes.”