Smart Reasons Why You Should Try Bowling as a Sport in Clayton

Playing sports in Clayton is something to be proud of. As early as 1908, a football club was established, namely the Clayton Football and Netball Club (CFNC) which is known to be one of the oldest clubs in the Southern Football League.

Cricket is also a popular sport in Clayton, and the Clayton District Cricket Club was founded in 1924 and currently settling at Meade Reserve since 1977. Clayton also has its rugby team, namely the Waverley Oakleigh Panthers that plays in the Melbourne Rugby League.

These sports are truly amazing and fun to engage in. However, if you’re not a fan of any of them, then you might want to consider bowling in Clayton.

Here are some of the smart reasons why you should give bowling a try.

Other Sports are Prone to Injuries

Research by the National Center for Biotechnology Information has shown that football or soccer has an overall injury rate of 1.04 per match, with contusions being the most common injury.

According to an article by Physio Works, rugby injuries rates are three times higher compared to soccer. Teenagers aged 10-18 years old and adults aged 25-34 years old are more prone or at a higher risk.

Bowling has a significantly lower chance and risk for injuries because it is not a contact sport. This makes it a far safer option compared to the most popular games in Clayton, such as football and rugby.

Bowling is an Indoor Sport

The climate in Clayton is a combination of wet and dry. According to Weather and Climate, May is the wettest month while July is the coolest. On the other hand, February is the warmest, while June is the driest.

Weather in Clayton makes it challenging to play outdoor sports since you could either experience extreme heat or coldness, which are not ideal while playing games. Fortunately, bowling provides a solution to this predicament.

Bowling is an indoor sport, which means you don’t need to factor in weather and climate if you want to play. Whatever the weather situation is outside, whether its extreme coldness or heat, you will feel comfortable playing in a bowling alley since the temperature can be controlled from the inside.

Easier Learning Curve

Team and contact sports such as rugby, cricket, and football are quite hard to play since you need to have the right skills for them. These sports require you to be able to run fast, have impressive stamina, and be agile, to name a few. Fortunately, playing bowling has an easier learning curve.

Bowling only requires you to pick up a ball and throw it with accuracy and right power to hit as much bowling pins you can, and that’s just about it. The learning curve of bowling is so easy that children and the elderly can learn how to play it while being perfectly safe.

Fun-filled Activity

Like most sports activities, bowling is a genuinely fun-filled sport that can be enjoyed by anyone. It could be played for sheer fun or healthy competition. Another fun thing about bowling is that you can enjoy eating or drinking and engaging in conversation with friends while playing.

Bowling is one of the few sports in Clayton that is safer and easier to learn compared to conventional and traditional sporting activities. Bowling also includes a social element that can be a reason for people to spend quality time together. Why not try bowling in Clayton today? And be a part of the millions worldwide that enjoy the sport!

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