How to cut a cigar?

The quality of the stogie itself gives most of the enjoyment of the cigar-smoking experience comes, however shaping it can result in weak smoke. Most people cut their cigar too much, but with just a little bit of know-how, it’s quite easy to get it just right. That know-how starts with learning the anatomy of your stogie. You can use a keychain cigar cutter to cut the cigar perfectly.

For tips on how to make this cut and get your cigar, read on.

Types of Cigar Cutters:

It isn’t an endless list of the kinds of cigar cutters, but if you’re using something other than this list, you’re a real expert, and won’t need to read this help article anyway.


By far, the most popular type of cigar cutter is Guillotine. It has double blades for better cutting. Unlike a real guillotine, this cutter cuts from two sides rather than only one. No need to skimp — the cost of stainless steel cutter is only $10.


It looks like a bullet and punches a hole at the end of the cigar, just like it says. Users of the punch that tell it’s less destructive to your cigar and that it perhaps makes it a little more full-bodied. These aren’t as popular but come in handy because they can easily be kept on a keychain because of their small size. It can’t chop a finger off accidentally.


In dire straits, it’s simple to improvise cutting a cigar. If you have a pocket knife with you, use it to cut, but an effective one. Sans even that option, you can also use your choppers to make a more even cut by thrashing off just the ends.

It’ll not be smooth opening, of course, so feel easy to smoke the stogie from backward — for example from the end that wasn’t just cut (for that matter, you can always smoke it from backside if you’ve made a poor cut).

How to Make a Perfect Cut?

  1. Place the cap: As mentioned before, the cap is a small piece of tobacco that covers the end and keeps the whole thing together. It’s effortless to locate. It is all you want to cut — no more.
  2. Place the blades on the cigar, just inside the cap. You want to place the blades a few millimeters inside from the end of the lid.
  3. Make a quick cut: The first few cigars I cut, I was too indefinite and ended up with uneven cuts. For a clean and smooth smoking experience, “cut off the bandied” and cut the cigar evenly and quickly. It may not be genuinely straight, but it’ll most likely at least be clean and leave fewer little tobacco particles to end up in your mouth.
  4. This cut ended up just about perfect, and the cap cleanly came off. Using a punch is easy. You insert the punch; pull out the punch, and voila! Now you can enjoy your cigar and have fun smoking time!