The Velvicks “Hit Me Like Sugar” Out Now

Today, The Velvicks have announced their upcoming EP RUN to be released this spring. The five-track EP carries rock and roll influences spanning decades crafting a sound that is both familiar yet distinctly nuanced and exhilarating.

With the EP announcement comes The Velvick’s debut single “Hit Me Like Sugar.” Lead vocalist Vick Nader describes “Hit Me Like Sugar” “This is our motorcycle song. The inspiration for this song was a hot biker Ed and I met a couple years ago at a bar in Brooklyn. We were both stunned like teenagers by her and her passion for the motorcycling craft. We’ve never seen her again but it was enough to inspire us to create this dirty toned/sexy/Motorhead vibe tune that is a full throttle from the moment it starts until it’s abrupt ending. Just like a crash.”

Photo Cred: Geurin Blask