Security System such as Metal Detectors and X-ray Machine

Zorpro is a one of the company which make metal detectors and X ray machines. Zorpro is serving its best with making number 1 quality security systems.

Zorpro Metal Detuctors:

Metal Detector is an electronic device that scans the metal nearby in its range. They are usually used to find hidden metals and weapons. More secure area requires these detectors such as shopping malls, Hospitals, Banks, Education institutes and many other commercial areas.

Types of metal detectors

  • Walk through metal detectors
  • Handheld metal detectors

Zorpro is manufacturing walk through and handheld metal detectors which are very sensitive to weapons. Walk through detectors have easy installation setup. Their prices are low as compare to market, to make the place more secure and safe. The demand of metal detectors has increasing day by day. There are also gold and food metal detectors. Gold metals detectors are use in factories of gold where several employees are working. To prevent the gold from theft they use gold metal detectors.

Food metal detectors are used to find the harmful metal particles in the food while packing. For provide the best quality to their customers. There are many other type of metal detectors you can visit zorpro.

X-ray Machines:

X rays are unidentified radiations that emanates from discharge tube. They were discovered by scientists in 1869. Now days we use X rays machines for medical and security purposes such as in airports to scan the luggage of passenger. X rays are very energetic electromagnetic waves. When X rays hits the object. The object absorbs the rays and then image formed on the screen. That image captured on the computer to print on special type paper. X rays machines produces x rays and that machine captured the image. Zorpro X ray scanners are very high quality and create high quality image. Zorpro manufacture different type of x ray scanner. Some are for small parcels and some for bigger luggage.

Security is basic right of every person. To make the places more secure, security managers prefers metal detectors to make places more secure. It saves time and more accurate than manual checking. Suppose a person having weapon in his shoes and in manual checking a security person forget check his shoes. It can be creates terrorist. So this thing can’t be happens in metal detectors. When a man which have weapon in his shoes passes in walk through metal detector or checked by handheld metal detector. It creates an emergency alarm. Which shows that the person have wrong thing with him. Same the case with X ray Scanner. If airports doesn’t have x rays scanner. It took huge time to scan a luggage of one flight. And then it is not accurate. According to sources X rays scanner are 100 time more faster and accurate than manual checking. I think X rays scanner takes 5 to 10 seconds to scan one luggage. Doesn’t matter how big the luggage is. So you should go with smart security system rather than manual.