Are anti-aging creams good for your skin care?

Anti-aging creams are used to mask or prevent wrinkles on the skin, making it look younger. These products are not drugs hence no scientific research is required to ascertain their effectiveness. But perhaps the most critical question to ask is whether they work. Though most anti-aging creams are considered to be effective, their effectiveness largely depends on their composition.

It also depends on the duration that one has been using them – you cannot use the product today and expect to get results tomorrow. Most anti-aging products take at least 4-8 weeks to produce results. There are two types of anti-aging products in the market. The first category comprises products that treat and prevent wrinkles while the second one consists of products that mask wrinkles. It is advisable that you choose a product that is designed to accomplish what you want.

Before you pick an anti-aging cream for your skin, there are several things you need to know – here are 5 of them.

  1. Your Skin Type

When choosing an anti-aging cream, you need to consider your skin type and how sensitive it is. Your skin may either be oily or dry. If your skin is oily, you may want to use a lightweight anti-aging cream. Avoid heavyweight creams as those can weigh your skin down and make it shiny. Lightweight creams also work well if you live in an area that has a humid climate. If your skin is dry or dehydrated, using a rich cream is ideal for the skin regimen.

This type of anti-aging cream is also ideal for people who live in cold or dry areas. If your skin is too sensitive, opt creams that have an ingredient called bakuchiol. This ingredient is less irritating because it is an anti-inflammatory agent. This works the same as retinol which is the most common ingredient for anti-aging creams. Additionally, reach out to Cosmetic injectable Brisbane to get an expert’s opinion on the best course of action.

  1. Type of Packaging

You need to pay attention on the packaging that is used on anti-aging cream. To a large extent, packaging is an indicator of the quality of the product. Often, the ingredients that have been used in the product will be listed on the packaging. Some ingredients like retinol, peptides and vitamin C react and degrade if exposed to air or light.

As such, any product containing these ingredients should be packed in opaque tubes to prevent light from getting in. The pumps should also be air-tight so that air does not go in. The packaging will also contain information on how the anti-aging product should be stored.

  1. Active Ingredients

Knowing the ingredients that are used to make anti-aging creams is important in choosing the right product. Each ingredient on the cream serves a specific purpose. When you know the ingredients that are present in an anti-aging cream, you will be able to pick a cream whose properties match your needs. The most common ingredients used in anti-aging creams are:

  • Retinoids: These are Vitamin A compounds such as retinol and retinoic acid that help with improving skin tone. Naturally, we get wrinkles and a dull complexion as a result of aging. This is because Vitamin A in our bodies diminishes over time. Retinoids reverse this process by promoting cell turnover and stimulating collagen growth.
  • Anti-oxidants: These come in various forms including Vitamin C and E, resveratrol, niacinamide and green tea extract. They are mainly used to prevent signs of aging by fighting free radicals.
  • Peptides: These are molecules that naturally occur in living organisms. Their main work is to treat skin damage. Some peptides can stimulate the production of collagen and improve your skin’s texture.
  • Moisturizers: Moisturizers are important in hydrating the skin. Hydrated skin looks younger. Moisturizers only work on the surface, to get long-term benefits, they are used to complement other active ingredients. Examples of hydrators include ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and shea butter among others.
  1. Product Pricing

There is a popular belief that expensive anti-aging products are more effective. This is a huge misconception because it is the science behind the product that matters most, not the price. This implies that a cream that contains retinol as the main ingredient will work the same way, whether you buy it from a luxury line, a drug store or a dermatologist.

The key is to ensure that active ingredients like retinoids and antioxidants are present in the anti-aging cream you opt for. Active ingredients are placed at the top of the list to indicate higher concentration. So, quit worrying about your budget and focus more on the concentration of the active elements and whether they are enough to make an impact.

  1. Skin Protection

Focus on protecting your skin from elements that can damage it. The thing is, it is counterproductive to treat your skin while exposing it stuff like excess sunlight that can damage it. Exposure to sunlight is the number one cause of aging. Protect your skin from sunlight by wearing a hat and using a cream with built-in sunscreen. Also, if you are a smoker, quit smoking. This is because smoking harms elastin and collagen – fibers that are responsible for providing skin elasticity and strength.