Introducing songwriter Lissy Taylor with fiery debut single ‘Mayday’

Lissy Taylor’s ‘Mayday’ commands the listener’s attention; whether that’s the rallying call of those huge guitar riffs or the haunting sound permeating her emotive vocals. Balancing the dark and the dreamy, Taylor reflects on those times where doubt is in abundance and self worth is lacking. The video is a visual portrayal of those darker thoughts with Taylor’s bold presence at the centre.

Speaking about the moment that ‘Mayday’ comes into being, the Stoke-based songwriter shares:

“When I wrote Mayday I was fighting an internal war. I felt hopelessly misunderstood and alone. I think there is a strength in recognising that everyone has their own struggles that aren’t always visible. Writing Mayday helped me understand my own struggles with mental health and I hope it will help other people in the same way.”