Zhong Went From a High School Dropout to Chase his Passion

Know to his friends and close relatives as Zhong, Zhongni Zhu is one of those people on the planet who find meaning in laughter. A prankster and a natural-born jester, his collaborations with his long-time friend, NichLMAO, have catapulted him to the stratosphere as an internet media sensation.

But who is Zhong?

Humble beginnings…

Despite his social media fame, Zhong keeps to himself and is a private person. Born in Russia, he moved to China after birth and there, he honed his knack for creating original comedy.

Today, Zhong is an Instagram celebrity, with more than 4 million followers who look forward to his new posts. Zhong’s quirky personality takes his jokes to the edges of political correctness, touching on subjects like “do women prefer Asian or black guys?”

A consistent YouTuber and influencer, Zhong is making his way to the pinnacle of YouTube. To date, he has more than 200,000 followers, and it is not unusual for his video posts to hit more than a half million views.


But why is that?

Smart and funny content…

Zhong’s pranks and videos are wholesome with innuendos of subjects we dare not touch. He is brave enough to dabble in these subjects, but respectful enough to maintain deference to the sensibilities of his viewers.

He is careful not to offend people, and his videos are safe for youngsters. All he wants is to have some good and wholesome fun for all ages and for all walks of life.

And this is why Zhong is loved by many. Apart from the funny pranks and PC-sensitive jokes, he also creates videos related to current social media trends. For example, he touches subjects like Tik Tok pranks.

His source of income is…

There are many Instagrammers who have millions of followers. But what really matters to Zhong is the engagement rate. His Instagram account has an average engagement rate of 5.17%. This is, high, as the average Instagram engagement rate worldwide is only at 2.1%.

What does this mean?

What it means is that Zhong creates content that people respond to. He touches a nerve in people, but in a cool and sensible way. For every hundred people, more than five react to his posts, love them, watch them, and comment on them.

So, for three million followers, 150,000 of that are guaranteed to be engaged. To an advertiser, that is gold.

This is how Zhong makes a living. He charges for sponsorship for products and services, and his sponsorship rates range between $6,000 and $10,000.

It was not an easy journey…

Zhong has been in YouTube since 2015, and has amassed a total of 5.5 million views. That is a rapid growth, but it did not come easy.

Zhong is a hard worker. Over the course of the last four years, he has posted more than 60 videos on his YouTube channel, and hundreds more on his Instagram account.

His hard work paid off. Now, his estimated net worth is $500,000—something that many people can only dream about.

As for personal matters…

As far as his personal life his concerned, Zhong keeps his private life separate from his online persona. No one knows about his romantic partnership. He certainly has no kids yet, and he does not reveal if he has siblings or not.

Zhong is an example of a man who has found his niche. His life has seen ups and downs. He trudged ahead, and made sure he reached his goals.

Today, he is living a prosperous life—a life of freedom where he can do the things he love, one of which
is to make people laugh.

Some of Zhong’s most amazing work is for Christmas he went out in the streets of London and challenged strangers to dance for a random gift and the gift were in the range of 50 to 300 dollars per item.