The Pink Dust EP Titled ‘Fathom’

The Pink Dust’s new EP “Fathom”, with a release date of January 10th, 2020, is a four-song effort that showcases the versatility of the band. Alongside the title track, it contains the songs “I’m Gone”, “Things That Matter Most”, and “Lonely Still”. Fans of alternative rock should be pleased.

The EP is best listened to with headphones or a multi-speaker setup, as the songs tend to take advantage of this by playing different sounds in different speakers, particularly at the beginning of the songs. The biggest example of this comes at the very beginning of the EP, where the song “Fathom” starts with an instrumental that lasts for almost 90 seconds.

The lyrical content is often dark, giving listeners a good peek inside the mind of the narrator. The song “Things That Matter Most” proves this case by reminding us that the little things we can get caught up in tend to distract us from the bigger things. In “Lonely Still”, the narrator describes that he is surrounded by plenty of people, yet still feels lonely without the person he wants to be around.

The instrumentation on the EP should not be overlooked. Consisting of mainly guitars and drums, it is complex yet does not overtake the lyrics or the melody of the vocals. It is a great performance by all band members.