Miink Exclusively Premieres New Music Video for Song ‘Jutsu’

YouPorn, your favorite porn site for unlimited adult entertainment, today debuted the new music video from London-based songwriter, producer, and video director, Miink, for his recently released single titled, “Jutsu”.

As with all his art, Miink wrote and produced “Jutsu” – a track about finding peace amongst chaos – on his own, and has also directed the accompanying music video. In 2017 he broke through with his first single, “Who Are You?” a haunting slice of alt-pop R&B that established him as an artist unafraid to experiment and defiant of labels or pigeon-holing.

YouPorn hosting the “Jutsu” premiere is the perfect opportunity for the brand to recognize and draw attention to the kind of artist and creator that YouPorn believes in. Porn has become increasingly a part of conversations happening within mainstream media and YouPorn wants to provide a platform that supports up and coming creatives that understand the importance of porn and pop culture crossing paths, and how powerful it can be.