Marian Hill Releases Music Video For “like u do”

Today, New York-based electronic duo, Marian Hill – consisting of singer Samantha Gongol and producer Jeremy Lloyd – have released their brand new video for their latest song “like u do”. Directed by Tyce Hoskin, the visual offers watchers a trippy adventure down their own memory lane to accompany the bouncy, electronic track’s reflection on the idealization of a past love with the reality of the person they are now.

Get the song here:

Speaking about the song, the duo had to say: “We deal a lot with how real (or not real) memory is on our new EP, and this video shows one side of that. We jump through different memories, some directly from our childhoods, some not, and some somewhere strange in between. It’s silly and fun but never quite right – just like that old relationship was, the one that’s just now starting to get fuzzy in your memory.”