Sofia Härdig delivers an eccentric palette of rock & roll through ‘THIS BIG HUSH’      

Swedish-born multi-instrumentalist and producer Sofia Härdig returns with her latest album ‘THIS BIG HUSH’. With squalling guitars and vivid colours Härdig creates a cinematic vignette delivered through the poet’s eccentric palette of rock & roll, playing and producing the entirety of the album. Sofia brings chugging energy, intense lyricism and a chaotic presence; she’s heading for a higher status amongst rock’s elite, and comments on the moment she met Patti Smith; “We met backstage at her gig in Stockholm and she gave me tickets to her show. We spoke about art, music and what it means to be an artist. She was generally very supportive and attentive; it was a beautiful moment sharing poetry and words.”

The high-energy track ‘Sucking The Flowers’ runs with infectious riffs, built on layers of scrappy percussion reminiscent of The Birthday Party or Pixies, and embellished with Sofia’s vocals as she sings “We call us in, to inner crimes, it’s tender, it’s sore, an attempt, to murder, it’s tender, it’s sore”.