Halloween edition – @skopemag news for October 31, 2019 @ 11 am est

MUSH announce debut album ‘3D Routine’ + share new single

‘The induction party comes to an end with transfixed crowds splintering through desire paths re-emerging to the cold familiar pavement. Fresh from re-orientation, discarded all routines, a third-dimension flow state, go forth and send the ladder down, peel back the tunnel, dimensionally challenged 2D suckers. This is the next step! ‘3D Routine’’

New > Coyote Records announce ‘All The Way Through’ — a new 5-track EP by Shayu > Listen to first single ‘Roti’ here

Based in Zurich, multi-disciplinary DJ, producer and audio-visual artist Shayu debuts on Coyote Records with new five-track EP project, ‘All The Way Through’.

Having released a shimmering debut EP (‘Liang’) through Swiss imprint Files Rec in 2018 and completed a lengthy Asia tour earlier this year – she made her Boiler Room debut in Shenzhen alongside NAAFI’s Lao and Nick Hook – Shayu first caught Coyote’s attention after sending a series of bewitching demos in early 2019.

Acclaimed experimental artist MEILIR shares remarkable new single “IT BEGINS” via Gwdihŵ Records

“‘It Begins’ is about starting again,” says Meilir, “a new beginning implementing the things that I’ve learned in life and moving forwards. My records are very personal, one of the reasons they take so long for me to complete I think. There are themes on ‘IN TUNE’ that carry from my first two records; I suppose it’s like a sound track to my life in a way. Some of the parts that made up the demos for this record are at least eight years old; it’s been good to take a little longer over the process but it will be nice to finally complete them.”


Wiley’s recent succession of star-studded collaborations continues with his latest offering ‘Givenchy Bag’ which has already garnered over 3 million streams. Featuring Atlanta’s Future, Nafe Smallz and Chip, the official video sees Wiley and co serenading beautiful women across a series of locations.

MORTIFERUM: Pacific Northwest Death Crew Begins North American Tour This Week

Following the recent release of their debut LP Disgorged From Psychotic Depths, out now on Profound Lore Records, Pacific Northwestern death crew MORTIFERUM this week begins a North American tour supporting the record.

11/01/2019 Blackwater – Portland, OR w/ Funebrarum
11/02/2019 Highline – Seattle, WA w/ Funebrarum, Grave Dust, Death Cave
11/08/2019 McCoy’s Tavern – Olympia WA w/ Nightfell
Descension Into Psychotic Depths:
11/13/2019 The Meatlocker – Montclair, NJ
11/14/2019 Wonderland – Richmond, VA
11/15/2019 Pyre Press – Pittsburgh, PA
11/16/2019 Subterranean – Chicago, IL
11/17/2019 The Black Market – Lakewood, OH
11/18/2019 See-Scape – Toronto, ON
11/19/2019 Piranha Bar – Montreal, QC
11/20/2019 Geno’s Rock Club – Portland, ME
11/21/2019 Ralph’s Rock Diner – Worcester, MA
11/22/2019 Union Pool – Brooklyn, NY
11/23/2019 Atlas Brew Works – Washington, DC

Beatific release “killer” video for “Smile Dangerous” via Born Music, debut EP out December 6th

The laundromat may be closed, but for San Francisco act Beatific, that doesn’t mean the tumbling and shaking is done for the night.

Earlier today, the duo premiered their clip for “Smile Dangerous” via Born Music, who called the spontaneous dance party of a video “sleazy and contagious in all the right places.” Last week, Beatific premiered “Smile” as a sort of surprise left turn into synth rock anthems after the sun-dappled folk pop of debut single “She Loves Him.”

PREMIERE: Beatific – “Smile Dangerous”

Old Salt Union releases music video for “God You Don’t Need”

Old Salt Union is releasing the exclusive video for their track “God You Don’t Need” from their latest album Where The Dogs Don’t Bite (Compass Records). Fans can watch the video exclusively via DittyTV this week. The video will go wide on Friday, Nov 1.

World Premiere Video: “God You Don’t Need” by Old Salt Union

Midnight Divide – Entitled ‘Say You Believe’

6’3″, 260 pounds, former center for Purdue football… sounds like a likely candidate for a tender musician, no? Well, looks can be deceiving, and despite an eclectic background, Midnight Divide frontman Austen Moret has been obsessed with songwriting since the days his two-year-old self was smashing the keys of a Casio keyboard or his grandmother’s piano. Weird right? He has… layers.

Syd Silvair — a promising new artist whose first single, (Obsidian)

With the season of the witch upon us, the veil between worlds is beginning to thin. Thus emerges Syd Silvair, out of the ether and onto the streets of New York City.

She draws from a lush 1970’s palette of disco and art pop, spinning webs of velvety vocals around pulsing kick drums. Like a dark descendant of Stevie Nicks or Cher, Syd Silvair raises the spirits of Studio 54 with her debut single, “Obsidian,” which dropped October 25th.


Known for their dynamic, high-energy live set, New York City’s MisterWives have toured internationally and performed at some of the biggest music festivals around the globe. Comprised of Mandy Lee [vocals], Etienne Bowler [drums], William Hehir [bass], Marc Campbell [guitar], Jesse Blum [keys, trumpet, accordion] and Mike Murphy [Saxophone], MisterWives demonstrate tremendous self-assuredness and resolve to stay true to themselves in the face of the music industry’s constant pressure to conform.

Asian Doll Returns To Her Roots with the Yella Beezy-Featuring “Cravin'” From the Upcoming UFC Project

Hammering home punchlines with defiant fervor, Asian Doll is one of the most supremely confident figures in rap music. Coming through with the first single from her upcoming UFC project, Asian shares “Cravin’,” her latest explicit anthem. Equally suited to your headphones as the strip club, “Cravin'” reverberates with drawn-out 808s and crashing low-end, as the 1017 Eskimo signee brags about hypnotizing men with her sexual energy. The single features an appearance from Asian’s fellow Dallas native Yella Beezy, who impresses with a motormouthed drawl. UFC releases on November 13th via 1017 Eskimo/Alamo.