WATCH: Rising Pop Songstress HANA2K Shares Charming ‘Daydreaming’ Official Video

Nineteen-year-old rising pop songstress, HANA2K releases gloriously addictive new track ‘Daydreaming’ – out now.

On ‘Daydreaming’, the wistful bubble-like synth production floats across the track’s warm chords and deep bass beat. The Welsh singer’s mellow, honeyed vocal offers an honest and raw diary-like insight into a teenage crush: “’til you get your shit together and then take me on a date / I’ll just spend another daydreaming” she sings.

Speaking about ‘Daydreaming’, HANA2K says: “Have you ever liked someone so much that you think about them all day? You never make a move; you just dream about the perfect date because you know the dream is so perfect why spoil it!”