TUSKS raises awareness for OCD with haunting new video ‘MIND’

London-based artist and producer Tusks (Emily Underhill) launches an impressive and entrancing new video for ‘Mind’. After battling with paralyzing anxiety in 2017, Emily was diagnosed with a subset of OCD called Harm OCD. Keen to be vocal about her condition and raise awareness, Underhill strives to re-educate and break the mould on the existing stereotype of OCD.

Explaining why awareness is important, Emily says: ” It can take people on average 14 years to get the correct diagnosis and start treatment. I think a lot of that is caused by a lack of understanding of what OCD can actually include and not being aware that what you’re experiencing is actually OCD”

“The aim of the video was to portray what it’s like living with a type of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) called Harm OCD, which I have struggled with over the past few years and is what Mind was written about. It’s specific intense anxiety caused by thinking you’ve accidentally hurt someone because you weren’t careful enough. The video shows me walking past people and Moses (my amazing skeleton dancer) playing my OCD and shoving into people as we pass them. With OCD you then find it harder and harder to ignore these thoughts and end up engaging with them, shown by Moses and myself dancing and interacting with each other. I really wanted to show the whole thing in a creative and entrancing way, to have a really strong visual but also try and explain harm OCD in a simple and effective way to help raise awareness of it – I’m really proud of my whole team for what we’ve managed to achieve.” Underhill shares.